Superbikes Great Britain 2012: Jules Cluzel beats Sam Lowes at home in Supersport
Superbikes Great Britain 2012: Jules Cluzel beats Sam Lowes at home in Supersport

We continue with this very long Sunday of races in Silverstone of the World Superbikes. And if the first Superbike race has already been ostensibly delayed, things have not improved with the category of Supersport, since it started half an hour later than planned and with only one disputed lap the red flag went up. But hey, even so and everything has been possible to enjoy the entire race, a race that has been Jules Cluzel in a very intelligent way, beating in the last lap a Sam lowes which has borne the brunt of the test for almost all of the laps. This is how the Frenchman achieved his second victory in a truly fantastic debut year in the category. The podium has been completed by Broc parkes which has taken third place.

The traffic light went out after the red flag and Cluzel took first position, followed by Imre Toth, Lowes and Vladimir Leonov, while Kenan Sofuoglu He made an excellent start and went from tenth to fifth position almost without disheveled, but the happiness for the Turk would not last long, who made a departure from the track that made him return in seventeenth position, then starting an excellent comeback that He has finished in fifth place. But let's not get that far ahead yet …

Sam lowes

Thus, the first laps of this long British circuit were passing with Cluzel still in the lead and the rest trying to take their positions. Ronan Quarmby He poked his head around the front and took second, while Lowes was already third and Toth was starting to lose positions. Nor did it take long for Parkes to overtake him, thus forming a leading group consisting of Cluzel, Quarmby, Lowes and Parkes. It wouldn't take long for good old Sam to take the lead and lead a home race he was really looking forward to. There were thirteen laps to go and from then on it was the first to the last lap. And even at that time Cluzel scored a wash that made him move to fourth place.

With such an outlook, it looked like Lowes was going to get away for good, but Jules made up the lost ground in a couple of laps and was quickly hitting the Brit's tail again. Thus, for a large number of laps the positions were not changed, with Sam first, Jules second, Ronan third and Broc fourth, making it possible for the team to PTR Honda dream of a historic triplet. Meanwhile Kenan continued his comeback, and it did not take long to reach that fifth place that he has kept calmly until the end of the test. At least the Turk has managed to save the furniture.

The last laps arrived and hostilities began at the top positions. The fight was centered on two different fronts. On the one hand Lowes and Cluzel fighting for victory, and on the other, Quarmby and Parkes doing the same for the third step of the podium. Thus, we have seen the last two laps to the limit, with a Sam that covered as best he could any small gap so that the French did not sneak in, but he has known how to wait his moment, he was really glued to Sam's tail and in the absence of a few curves he put in first position, and although Sam has tried again and they have touched and twisted on the bike, nothing has been able to prevent Jules from seeing the checkered flag first with a Lowes finally second and that cuts a few points to Kenan in the general.

Broc parkes

In the other fight, Parkes finally prevailed, leaving Quarmby in a fourth place that is also very good for him. Fifth, as I have already mentioned, Sofuoglu entered, while from behind they entered Fabien Foret in the sixth place, Sheridan Morais in the seventh and Alex Baldolini in the eighth. Closing the top ten, Andrea Antonelli has been ninth and the old fox Gabor Talmacsi, tenth.

Regarding the general classification, Sam Lowes has managed to reduce a little the difference that separates him from Kenan Sofuoglu, now placing himself fourteen points behind the Turk. Third is now Jules Cluzel, who cannot be considered lost either, despite being 28 points behind the lead. Fourth is Fabien Foret and fifth is Broc Parkes. Anyway, I still think that the title will be a matter of two: Kenan and Sam. You already know who I'm going with, right?

Well, this is what the Supersport race that we have seen in the English circuit of Silverstone has given of itself, where the rain and stops are being the main protagonists of the day. Now there are only four tests left to meet the champion of this category, and surely the thing will be exciting seen what has been seen. The next appointment will also be on a new circuit for the championship, in Moscow, so you couldn't ask for more. Well yeah, let Sam Lowes win the title, hehehe.

Here is the video of what happened:

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