ME, the scooter that you can customize to your liking
ME, the scooter that you can customize to your liking

In autumn the electric scooter ME, with an aesthetic very similar to the SYM Symmetry that we tested a few months ago. The ME was born from the collaboration between Motorini Zanini, VE&D Engineering and Design, GSI and has the design of the Italian Sergio Mori.

Its main asset is that it is fully customizable to the client's taste since it is part of a chassis made without metal parts and reinforced with resin fiber called SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) which can be given the color of our choice. We can do the same with the wheels, the seat, the grips and the fender.

its maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h Being considered a moped although it could reach between 65 and 70 km / h. There will be two engines, one of 1, 8 and another of 3 kW. The battery is removable to be able to recharge it comfortably at home (and not have to climb the motorcycle) and can be made of silicon or lithium gel, providing the ME with a autonomy of 55/70 and 85/100 kilometers respectively.

The recharge Depending on the version, full battery is achieved in about 5/7 hours with the gel and in 4/6 hours with the lithium one. Ride both in front and behind disc brakes from the Nissin brand and wheels in dimensions 120 / 70R12 and 130 / 70R13 front and rear. It is approved for two people and can handle slopes of up to 15 degrees.

The total weightThe one of the ME scooter is 75 kg of which, 19 kilos correspond to the battery. The low weight is achieved in part thanks to the use of the SMC chassis which is 35% lighter than that of a normal scooter.

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