The Mini Speed ​​European in Zuera with clear Italian dominance
The Mini Speed ​​European in Zuera with clear Italian dominance

Last weekend a test of the European Mini Speed ​​Championship. The event took place in the Zuera International Circuit and the Spanish participation amounted to a total of 21 pilots and although the bulk of the victories were taken by the Italian participants, ours achieved several remarkable results.

Of the six categories that were contested, in five the Italians climbed to the top. Even in the Senior Open 50 race the podium was completely taken over by runners from there, with the first Spaniard, Javier Salmerón, placed in fifth place.

The rest of outstanding performances by the Spanish were the second positions of Daniel Holgado in the Junior A category, José J. Garcia in Junior B and Daniel Gallego in Senior Open 40. Álvaro Díaz and Jeremy Alcoba occupied third place in Junior A and MiniGP respectively.

Will this be the generational change What will play soon where the Italian pilots return to be at the top of the international competitions?

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