General Directorate of Traffic, "Seguí-mos" the same
General Directorate of Traffic, "Seguí-mos" the same

I'm late to write an article with recommendations for vacations, it is likely that you have already left the route and will arrive at your destination when these lines are published. So nor I'm going to give you travel advice among other things because I am not the most suitable person. I am not on a long journey, I am on a short exit of curves, although I do not rule out trying the great routes one day.

The only advice I could give you, seeing how the "calico" is, is to be careful with the crossings. Yes, those in which it says 50 or even 40 km / h. If you go at the speed that the road marks, it is likely that other vehicles will eat the tail of your motorcycle and if you do it slightly overhead, it will be a radar of the General Directorate of Traffic that will machine-gun you "for your safety". Difficult choice, huh? I am very afraid that after a while, we continue the same.

Radars Spain

The mobility forecasts for these first days of August spoke of a bulk of 2.7 million displacements long haul. The DGT has not come up with a better investment lately than repair about 850 radars. The director of this "illustrious" institution, María Seguí, recognized that a large part of the installed radars were out of service as published by the Mutual Motorcycling Association. But don't worry, they are all arranged for the greater safety of all road users in our country.

Of course, you can get tired of seeing people on motorcycles pull 600cc with short-sleeved shirts, shorts and flip-flops. To these they are not stopped or have arguments to sanction them. And here it would be for your safety. We will machine-gun you, friend, you who are equipped as God intended and go through that crossing of wide visibility at 61 when it marks 50km / h. Of course, between a highway and a toll highway, you have to opt for the toll highway according to the choice of the director of the DGT … We continue the same.

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