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Five tips to avoid getting hot on the motorcycle
Five tips to avoid getting hot on the motorcycle

We are already in August, the month of the holidays par excellence. And to celebrate it today, half the country is on alert for high temperatures. Something that if you are on the beach is not very important, but that if you are driving the motorcycle can have catastrophic consequences. Because there are those who, when summer arrives, forget all passive safety measures, even the helmet, with the intention of passing as little heat as possible. And on the other hand, there are those who not even at more than forty degrees of temperature abandon their jacket, pants, boots, gloves and helmet. Whatever type you are, today I'm going to leave you five tips to avoid getting hot on the bike that appeared not long ago in Motorcycles. You may think after reading them that they are too obvious, but it never hurts to remember them.

Tips to avoid getting hot on the motorcycle

  • 1.- Ventilation. Most of the technical motorcycle clothing is designed to be used both in winter and summer. And the option for the summer usually consists of a series of openings that allow air to pass through them until it reaches the interior and thus cool our tired body a little. Do not forget to open them while you are stopped to avoid tightrope maneuvers when you are going. Something as obvious as opening the air intakes of the helmet is often forgotten, and it also does its bit in cooling.
  • 2.- Moisture also helps. Even though you may not like the idea of ​​filming with your clothes soaked in water, a simple wet T-shirt helps lower your body temperature while filming. And do not worry about the jacket, as soon as you roll for a while everything will have dried. The other option is to use a wet towel on the head or neck when you stop to rest. But the best thing without a doubt is to take a good shower to regain body temperature.
  • 3.- Specific technical clothing for summer. If your pocket can afford it, one possibility is to have duplicate motorcycle riding equipment, currently there are many brands that offer specific jackets, pants and gloves for summer. These are usually made with mesh fabric that allows air to pass to keep us more comfortable. The downside of this equipment is that it does not usually have the same level of protection as the "winter" equipment. So in your hands is the decision of how far you want to go protected and how much heat you want to withstand.
  • 4.- Hydrate yourself. When you sweat, the body evaporates liquids and minerals essential for our survival, so in very hot conditions you have to stay properly hydrated. This can be achieved through systems such as a Camel Back that you can use while driving, or simply by replenishing fluids when you stop to rest. But remember, you always have to drink a lot more than you might want to avoid fainting while driving. The consequences could be deadly.
  • 5.- The motorcycle is also hot. Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle knows that the engine is a source of heat that in some cases is practically unbearable. So first you have to make sure the bike is ready for this summer heat. A check of the coolant levels may seem silly but it can save your motorcycle from a heat stroke or even ending up in a fire. On the other hand, if your motorcycle has a fairing it may also have ventilation openings that allow air to pass through and improve cooling. Both the engine and the driver himself. Here it happens again as with helmets and jackets, in winter we close everything tight and when summer arrives we do not remember to open those hatches.

As I have said, the tips are normal, but they are still interesting and deserve to be remembered on days like today when the temperatures will be hellish. The another option is to leave the motorcycle parked until fall comes and it's cooler. But then we will not enjoy the climate of our country that allows us to ride a motorcycle almost all year round. The other option is to get a portable air conditioning system like the one Morrillu brought us a few years ago.

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