Hybrid car with Harley Davidson engine
Hybrid car with Harley Davidson engine

Ok we are on a blog focused on the world of motorcycles. But I think this news from The Kneeslider is worth a bit of attention. It turns out that at the West Philadelphia High School in Philadelphia (USA) they have manufactured a hybrid car prototype to participate in one of those competitions in which cars that are capable of achieving reduced fuel consumption and / or mileage autonomy are rewarded. And what does this have to do with motorcycles?

Well, these kids, in a display of patriotism, have used nothing less than a 1,340cc Harley Davidson engine to which they have coupled a 45 kW electric generator and with this they have obtained a car capable of rolling 65, 1 miles per gallon of gasoline (3.61 liters per 100 km). Something more than they expected, since the requirements of the competition are to achieve consumption of 100 miles per gallon (2.35 liters per 100 km) and a minimum range of 200 miles (about 300 km). Anyway, the institute has made the cut and is now among the 30 competitors from around the world who will contest the final and perhaps the millions of dollars of the final prize.

Leaving aside the consideration and success that an institute has managed to involve its students in a project of this type in an education as problematic as that of the United States. My surprise goes more in the direction of evaluating the suitability of using an engine of that displacement and those benefits for this type of experiment. Wouldn't it have been more logical to use a more modern, smaller displacement engine to improve performance? Reading the comments in The Kneeslider it turns out that it seems that the Harley Davidson engine was regulated by the institute, okay. But an engine of almost a liter and a half does not seem the most suitable to save fuel.

Of course, if you live in a country where reduced fuel consumption sounds as strange as a seven-liter V8 engine sounds strange to us, a 1,340 cc seems even small and cheap in comparison. Go ahead my admiration for the high school kids, but for the next time I recommend that you look a little more when choosing an engine. That a motorcycle engine is more efficient than a car engine, but you have to choose carefully which engine you use.

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