Marco Melandri convicted of tax evasion in Italy
Marco Melandri convicted of tax evasion in Italy

It seems that the Italian hacienda inspectors are as ruthless as the Spanish Holy Inquisition was. They have already managed to sink their teeth into the fortune of Valentino Rossi who was sentenced to pay 35 million euros in 2008. Now they have achieved that Marco Melandri is sentenced to 19 months in prison for tax evasion. Of course, it seems that this sentence will not be carried out and the Italian pilot will not go to jail.

The issue is summarized in that in 2003, 2004 and 2005 Melandri had declared his residence in Derby, United Kingdom. taking refuge in a tax situation in which more or less wealthy athletes do not have to declare their income generated outside Great Britain by spending only a certain number of days at your residence. And by having that residence declared, they also do not have to pay taxes in their country of origin. Come on, the typical traps that we have all heard mentioned to pay the fair share to the farm, regardless of the country. But it seems that we are quickly forgotten as soon as they offer us a sports victory or something similar.

What happens is that the Italians do not seem willing to let go of the prey and have been investigating Melandri's possessions and his possible income throughout the world until the Ravenna court has found him guilty and sentenced him to 19 months in jail. Exemplary sentence that will not be served I imagine that for being a minor sentence.

And the worst is that these types of evasive maneuvers are common among most elite athletes from any country that has a modern tax system. Should those of us who scrupulously contribute to the Treasury stand up and demand a taxation similar to that of those athletes? Should we ask them not to use either the flag or the anthem of a country where they don't pay a penny of their taxes? Or should we forgive these "minutiae" in gratitude for the great moments of entertainment that they give us with their sporting victories? I have it clear and with the times, and how bad some fellow citizens are having, These avoidant athletes should set an example and "portray" in your country as we do the rest.

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