Malik Sidibé, an African photographer from the sixties
Malik Sidibé, an African photographer from the sixties

We all have burned the image that Africa is a very poor continent involved in endless wars and constant (and endless) famines. But in the sixties the situation was a little different. And we can appreciate that difference thanks to the work of people like Malik Sidibé.

Mr. Sidibé settled in Bamako, the capital of Mali, and opened his Studio Malik in the late 1950s of the 20th century. His studio was a place where he photographed a good part of the middle class that existed at that time in the country. It is very curious to see the images that combine people with a very western aspect on their motorcycle and people with very ethnic clothes on almost the same motorcycles. Something like if what gave them that point of distinction were not the clothes but the small motorcycle on which they are photographed.

Malik Sidibé, African photographer

Reviewing Malik Sidibé's biography you can see that he is not just any photographer. In his resume he has a Hasselblad Award in 2003 or the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2007. The pity is that Mali is currently one of the poorest countries in the world, with a per-capita income of $ 1,127 and surely this middle class that Mr. Sidibé portrayed has disappeared. We only have his photos left, which are still impressive.

My congratulations to Viking Piston Brew for posting these photos.

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