Motorock, the radio show with motorcycles, rock and a lot of passion
Motorock, the radio show with motorcycles, rock and a lot of passion

"Biker is the one who rides a motorcycle to grow as a person and get the most out of life"It is one of the phrases that can be heard in one of the latest Motorock radio programs, a good alternative on radio that broadcasts every Monday at 8:40 p.m. on Radio Camargo (Cantabria), at 100.4 from the FM dial. It is also possible to download the files of the broadcast programs to listen to them at any time, all from their website. They are defined as a program made by bikers and for bikers and personally it has left me a very good taste in my mouth.

Motorock team

The topics that are touched on in this radio program are varied, but above all, they "get wet" and put their finger on the sore of many of the topics that many of us comment on in the gatherings of our motorcycle outings on the road. Are motorcycle forums by brands a sect or private clubs?What is being a real biker? Are there people who don't say hello? How long do you have to put up with the "scarecrows" who come making noise to the town square? Apart from the topics of opinion and debate, models of modern motorcycles, routes, interviews and competition are very successfully shelled.

It should be noted in the program this past Monday, the testimony of a Civil Guard clearly explaining how our beloved leaders press the agents to collect as much as possible. Impressive document that has no waste. All bathed in good doses of rock music. On their audio download page you can see up to 123 programs today, although the oldest available is 92. With this background and those numbers, we can be ahead of one of the first motorcycle-themed radio shows at the national level.

The offer of radio and motorcycles is very scarce in our country, at least at the national level, where we have the program known to all, Sun and Bikes by Gestiona Radio. Another song is the radio podcast where we have more and more representation. Motorock, although local influences sensitive current affairs and that interest us all. The comparisons are odious but I think they show that you can make good radio without having to sell motorcycle insurance and without the entrenched presence as an advertisement in the written press. Therefore they are not, "the usual ones". Let's see if they last, for the moment, a highly recommended program to give a try.

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