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Farewell letter to readers
Farewell letter to readers

On August 3, 2011, this humble counter of things made his debut in these pages with an article about the motorcycle museum in Canillo (Andorra). With almost 300 news published and the experience that this entails in this world of information, the body asks me to get off this train, or at least, get off at a stop along its route. But first I would like to close a couple of unfinished business: say goodbye and thank all readers on the one hand and on the other end by giving some advice on motor blogs on the internet.

My way of doing things

Monster 696

The truth is that I have always been a fan of the stories of the editors of motorcycle magazines where you could soak up sensations and not so much cold technical data. Those Augusto Moreno de Carlos, when he put on the leather jumpsuit, and Jose Maria Torres Acero, the one that some of us remember with the tower and the sword in the helmet, made of his texts, the delights of this apprentice communicator who writes to you.

Needless to say, I understand that I am very far from these two that I am quoting at a journalistic level, but when you feel like it and they give you the opportunity, you have to try. In this way, I have tried to convey my feelings on the back of the Ducati Sport 1000 or the Triumph Bonneville T-100, outside the usual formats by which current motorcycle tests are governed and adding a true story around it. But I have not invented anything, because as I say, it is the type of evidence that I liked to read myself.

So I got into the "ball" of doing the minimotard course to also give a real vision of this option to ride a motorcycle on karting circuits. I thought: nobody better than a newbie On the subject to relate what is going on in that world, that by the way, every day I see that it has more followers and also thanks to those little motorcycles I have been able to meet very special people.

I have not hidden in my lines that I am a man of technological dyes. I must say that I still get some allergy everything that smells like Facebook and Twitter, although from what I see, they are necessary. By technological I mean that I like electronic gadgets like cameras, and if they relate to the world of motorcycles, the better. That's when it comes to junk and pots. As a social product on the internet I believe a lot in radio-podcasts, as I have also let you know here and in which I actively participate.

Nor do I hide my Ducatista past since I have always had the Borgo Panigale brand in my prayers. The articles about the visit to your factory and some motorcycles of the preparer Pepo Rosell, (Radical Ducati), that I have published, give me away.

My opinion after seeing this world 'inside'

Rolled minimotard

The blog format I recognize that it has surprised me in its internal workings with its pros and cons. I'm not going to reveal to you how we have the house inside In Motorpasión moto but the work methodology, I consider it very professional for the media that bloggers have. One of the main obstacles and one of the reasons for stopping writing here is that many of us have other jobs to attend to and the time factor sometimes plays tricks on you. It seems that 24 hours a day is not enough for all.

I think that if you don't dedicate yourself full time to a task, the work is sometimes less rigorous. Not always, eye, it does not take two months to write an article. Surely all my colleagues, from this blog and others, we would appreciate a few more hours to dedicate to that test or simply to find information and documentation on the topics to be covered. All in all, those of you who have followed me know that I prefer blogs much more than the written press since I think it is still very "contaminated", so to speak.

The relationship with brands is a very extensive topic that leaves room for a long debate but is reduced to those who believe in the internet and they make things easier for you and those who don't. As a curiosity, I can mention the anecdote of a motorcycle brand that wanted to review an article of mine before being published …, the answer from my editor-in-chief and colleagues was that no way. The brand is the least of it, don't ask me, just tell you that it is one of the four great Japanese. I tell you this anecdote because of the pleasant surprise that I got when I saw that the policy followed is one of independence, at the time of writing.

A sincere advice and I say goodbye to you

Ducati Sport 1000

I must say that absolute independence when reporting does not exist, but if I have to choose, as is the case, a means to find out about the motorcycle world, my decision would be a blog. Obviously, due to the effort I see that all my colleagues put in and the quality of their content, if it's Motorpasión Moto, better, although it is true that we are not alone in this market and there are other very valid portals where to find out.

The recommendation that I would like to make to people in this regard is not to be enthralled by images of impeccable layout and stunning videos that do not say anything. The image in these times is important but we must not neglect that if what we really want is pure and simple information of how a motorcycle is doing, for example, only the text and complicity with the editor will give it to us. It makes me laugh to hear testimonies from people in the written press who have criticized that the internet has killed their magazines. Within a few months these same characters boast of going online and proclaim themselves pioneers of interactive "full color" magazines …

Choose the medium to inform you that you like the most, my final advice is that don't be fooled. And finally thank my colleagues for their support during all these almost 300 articles and trust you readers deposited during all this time. A sincere hug to all and see you on the road or on the circuits. V’sss.

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