Honda CL100 by E3 Motorcycles and the coincidences of the editor looking for material
Honda CL100 by E3 Motorcycles and the coincidences of the editor looking for material

Could we classify it as a coincidence that almost a month apart, the same motorcycle caught my attention on different blogs? Well this is what happened to me with this Honda CL100 made by E3 Motorcycles in New York (USA).

E3 Motorcycles from Julien R. on Vimeo.

At the beginning of September a few photos of her appeared in Pipeburn, and at that moment it caught my attention, I wrote it down as "publishable" but by not immediately contacting her it went down the list until it almost disappeared. But thanks to posting a video about her on Derestricted, she has caught my attention again. So here it is on the cover of Motorpasión Moto.

The history of the motorcycle tells us that a neighbor of the E3 workshop asked David A motorbike to get to and from work at the corner tattoo studio. Zac, that's the name of the owner, was looking for something utilitarian but stylish, as well as inexpensive to maintain. The solution was to give a thorough review of a 1971 Honda CL100. The final image is purposely designed, looking for something that does not stand out too much but is not a demolition bike. And I think the goal is quite achieved.

With so only 14 days of work the bike was completely disassembled and rebuilt. The engine was completely updated, but nothing was done to boost it or anything like that. Perhaps the most striking is the work of "carving" on the vinyl of the seat.

Honda CL100 by E3

Now Zac can already face traffic on a daily basis of a city like New York, which is known for its traffic jams, the number of police in the streets and the number of traffic lights that operate on those same streets. Come on, the nightmare of any driver, but with a motorcycle like this it seems much more affordable.

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