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Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle, test (highway driving and passenger)
Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle, test (highway driving and passenger)

Little by little we are moving away from the regional roads, those almost deserted and where at this time of year you come across more tractors than cars, and we take any of the innumerable highways or highways that surround the capital. The Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle in this 2013 it has not changed more than in colors, no mechanical upgrade it is necessary to roll with it as much as we want. Or we can, because consumption will somewhat limit the enjoyment of this long and low.

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle: poise and poise

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle

The scorecard, which looks like something out of a Porsche 911, is chaired by the odometer dial which in turn brings together all the alarms and a small display with the trip and total odometer, hour clock and reserve trip when the pump warning light is turned on. On his left we have the tachometer with the red zone starting at 9,000 revolutions (hooah!), And on his right a fuel level indicator.

I think it would have been better to replace this indicator with a temperature level engine, it is not at all pleasant to see how the needle goes down at all times and it is something that when we are rolling with it will make us think about where we will stop to refuel and it robs us of part of the charm of the driving experience on the back of this V-Rod Muscle.

I am almost sure that if we could look at the needle while we were driving, we would see how it is descending. With a 18.9 liter tank you can do at a leisurely pace at most 230 kilometers, so the approved consumption of 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers is a bit fanciful. In fact, rushing to refuel, when the reserve trip still said that there were about 30 kilometers left for the tragedy, it was already beginning to pull.

H-D V-Rod Muscle

In his defense, it must be said that in running order the motorcycle weighs about 310 kilogramsAdding the weight of the pilot and how little or how much you carry, the total mass is around 400 kilos. If we add to this that making the most of the acceleration sections is something very pleasant with this Muscle as it is white and in the bottle. Shifting gears has never been so exciting on a Harley-Davidson.

Once we are on the road at a rate of 120 kilometers per hour, the air is hardly annoying, perhaps because of the curve of my posture, and the feeling of security is totally overwhelming. As I said yesterday with all this mass in motion, inertia and the gyroscopic effect generated by the long straights and wide curves are his favorite terrain.

The large curves to join the highways are a tremendous pleasure, the sensation of going so extremely close to the sloping ground seeing so much of the motorcycle ahead is a different sensation than those that we are used to with conventional motorcycles.

H-D V-Rod Muscle

The suspensions make a great job despite working with an angle closer to the horizontal than normal due to the gigantic length. They absorb potholes satisfactorily, but as the wheel profile it is very low makes us notice them quite dry. Not so much at the fork, but through the double rear shock. On good pavement asphalt it is a wonder it does not move unless we find a pronounced pothole or a bathtub in the middle of a curve.

So much weight and so much wheelbase make the bike protest if we drive fast and something unforeseen makes the suspensions have to digest so much work. The Muscle it will try to get out of the curve and regain some of the verticality, but less than you would expect from such a huge machine. Never scare, nor does it make strangers with the address, so as long as we do not get on roads that are dusty.

This H-D V-Rod Muscle Both by sensations and by sound it seems that we are mounted on a freight locomotive. The thrust is brutal and when it accelerates a nice, hoarse sound of admission it gives us the ears. At any speed we will have plenty of torque to shoot off, overtaking is done with complete peace of mind, forgetting which gear we are driving in. It may be that this model has lost a bit of the flavor of the old Harley-Davidson, but it is a model that combines modernity and ease of use.

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle: to show off as a duo

H-D V-Rod Muscle

As they pointed out to me exchanging impressions at the dealership, this motorcycle is made to do short trips, and show off with a beautiful lady sitting on the back of the terrace on the terrace. As you can see, the passenger footpegs are located further forward even from where our rear will be positioned, positioning their knees on the sides of our hips and forming a very natural posture and not forced at all. This, together with the seat position that allows very easy access, places our passenger's head a little above ours and a really generous cushion will make the passenger's stay. very comfortable.

If you re-fix on the passenger footpegs, they are placed directly above the silent ones, so in summer they may be able to warm your feet more than necessary. In fact, if the passenger does not place their feet perfectly horizontal, it is likely that some of the rubber on the soles will stick to the exhausts.

H-D V-Rod Muscle

Curiously, and contrary to what might be expected, when carrying someone in the back seat the motorcycle seemed to me more poised although most of the weight fell on the rear tire. Even so, at full load at no time is there anything that rubs or lightens the front wheel. This reveals its road character and that it is intended to be used in company.

On Friday we will summarize how this is H-D V-Rod Muscle and you can see a wide gallery. I hope you like it.

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