MotoGP Australia 2012: Pol Espargaró walks in Marc Márquez's party in Moto2
MotoGP Australia 2012: Pol Espargaró walks in Marc Márquez's party in Moto2

Exciting without a doubt the celebration of the Moto2 title that Marc Márquez has just achieved. We already have a champion in the category and he is one of ours, as well as a great drive like the crown of a pine tree. But we can't forget Pol Espargaró, that he has had an impressive season and that today in the Australian Grand Prix He has given a real bath to the rest of his rivals, almost seventeen seconds. The second place has been for a very grown Anthony West, who repeats this good position for the second consecutive week, while the podium was closed by champion Marc. The race, however, was quieter than usual, let's get to it …

And it is true that today's race has not been what we are used to in this spectacular category, and it has been quite calm, although the tension due to everything that was at stake has not stopped. The traffic light went out and it was Takaaki nakagami the one who got first in the first bars, followed by Marc, Thomas Luthi, Pol and Scott redding. It didn't take long for Marc to take the lead, nor for Pol to climb positions and place himself behind Márquez. And with only two laps contested, Pol was ahead of number 93, which together with a substitute for the latter made things clearer.

So that, Espargaró began to roll in an infernal rhythm that neither has been able to follow, while behind a chasing duo formed by Márquez and Redding was created, the one from Cervera taking away the tension of shooting in a large group. Pol kept moving further and further away, while Scott overtook Marc without much resistance. Behind the two of them there was a very large group formed among others by Andrea Iannone, Johann Zarco or a West that had been coming back and wanting to do very well at home.

Anthony West

And so the laps went by, without much to tell and with a relative calm that made us live this Moto2 race more relaxed than usual. But just halfway through the race, West was already fourth and starting to cut back on Marc. Fortunately, he escaped alone and was not taking the entire group with him. A) Yes, As Pol continued to make his increasingly insulting difference, West got in touch with the pursuing duo and we knew that he was not going to settle for that. With three laps to go, he overtakes Márquez at the end of the straight without any problem for him, seeing from fourth position how he was going to fight Redding for second place.

And I say if he fought, in the last one, he passed Redding unceremoniously to sign an excellent second place at home. But what about Marc is impressive, already With the fourth position and the title in his pocket, a sprint begins in the last corners that almost takes him to finish second, although having to settle for the third. What for some may be an unnecessary risk, having already earned that title, for me it is one more demonstration that this boy is something out of the ordinary and as such he does not hesitate to show it whenever he can. Big Marc.

Finally then, Espargaró first with almost seventeen seconds of advantage over the hero West. Third Marc certifying his championship and fourth Redding. Fifth has been Dominique Aegerter, sixth Johann Zarco and seventh Simone Corsi. Eighth Tito Rabat, nineth Randy Krummenacher and tenth Takaaki Nakagami. By the way, great eleventh position of Jordi Torres. Also note that Andrea Iannone did not finish the race, with a departure from the track and subsequent mechanical problems.

Marc Márquez

The provisional general classification, although very definitive, leaves Marc with 299 points followed by Pol with 260. Third, far behind the two is Andrea Iannone with 188 points. With this outlook, it only remains to congratulate Márquez and Espargaró for the great season that they are still giving us. And well, what can I say about Marc? on more than one occasion he has left us without qualifiers to narrate his exploits. It is impressive to see him on a motorcycle, and we are very lucky to be able to enjoy him. Immense pilot that we have many years to enjoy. In the celebration of the title we have obviously seen him very excited, they have put the sticker with the number one number on him and he wore a special helmet for the occasion that his brother Alex had prepared for him. By the way, among those who have come to congratulate him (which we have seen), it has been curious to see Shuhei Nakamoto, that surely he is already facing the hands, and to Jorge Lorenzo, that in a little while you may be celebrating the same thing.

So far this Moto2 race in the always beautiful Phillip Island setting. Of course, we can only congratulate Marc, and we are already eager, now, to see him on that MotoGP Honda that will surely give him a lot of satisfaction. Today in the race Pol has swept, who of course we also congratulate, but the protagonist is again Marc Márquez. Thanks Marc for making this sport something bigger.

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