Reviewing the best moments of Casey Stoner and baptizing the Stoner Corner
Reviewing the best moments of Casey Stoner and baptizing the Stoner Corner

With less than two races to go before Casey stoner definitively withdraw from the circuits, Repsol has decided review the best moments of the Australian's career Through a series of photographs with which Casey Stoner himself tells what memories these images evoke, from his great hobby such as fishing to achieving his second World Championship precisely at the Phillip Island circuit. Hit play and let him tell us himself.

He draws attention powerfully when he talks about the photo in which all his trophies are appreciated and that he used to search for sponsors. At the age of eight he had more than 1,000, A real outrage! But it is that before emigrating to Europe, Casey Stoner had won it all the dirt track. If memory serves, there were weekends when he was able to win 30 races of different categories, literally tyrannizing and cannibalizing the specialty. Now it is understood why they did not want to let him compete in speed.

On the other hand, yesterday the turn three of the circuit of Phillip Island has been renamed Stoner corner, or what is the same, the Stoner Curve. It is a very fast left turn of approximately 250 km / h where we could say that the real differences between adult and young men appear.

Let go daddy I'm going to use it as a plate for the porridge

The tribute, promoted by the company that owns the circuit, Linfox Property Group, makes recognition of the career of Casey Stoner and his five consecutive victories at Phillip Island, which could well be six this Sunday. As stated at the bottom of the trophy:

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