MotoGP Australia 2012: Sandro Cortese keeps pounding in a beautiful Moto3 race
MotoGP Australia 2012: Sandro Cortese keeps pounding in a beautiful Moto3 race

It doesn't matter if the title is already decided. The category of Moto3 It's a real show, and the race we just saw from Australian Grand Prix on Phillip Island has been no exception. Sandro Cortese has once again dominated with an iron fist and has shown the reason for his world title, while Miguel Oliveira has achieved an excellent second place and Arthur Sissis a third step on the podium that has had to fight until the last meters. Impressive the fight for said third place. And you will wonder what he has done Maverick Viñales, well, basically falling down with nine laps to go. Let's start then …

The traffic light went out and he left like an exhalation Zulfahmi Khairuddin, followed by Jonas Folger, Luis Salom and Louis Rossi, but except for the Malay, the rest had left too fast, come on, they had gone ahead of the traffic light. Thus, after a few laps of uncertainty without knowing the real positions, it was confirmed that the aforementioned Folger, Salom and Rossi, more Alberto moncayo and Jack Miller, they would have to go through the pits to comply with the sanction for having left early.

In all this mess, Cortese was winning a few very good positions and ahead of the Malaysian, placing himself in the lead, followed by an impressive Oliveira, a surprising Niklas Garlic, by Khairuddin, Alex Rins, Arthur Sissis, Viñales and Efrén Vázquez. It did not take long for the German to put land in the middle, and only the Portuguese could follow him very closely, thus creating two very clear groups: the forward with Sandro and Miguel and the pursuer with the rest.

Miguel Oliveira

The first to get out of the pools of the chasing group was Ajo, who had an incredible sustazo that took him off the track, although he managed to return but very late, to end up crashing a few laps later. The fight for that third place was starting to be impressive, with a good handful of drivers eager, for various reasons, to get a good position here. Meanwhile, Cortese and Oliveira were still escaped and very close together.

In the absence of nine laps to go it was Maverick who went to the ground and it was also erased from the possibility of a podium, ending with a somewhat strange weekend after what we all already know. With six laps to go, it is in the front group where we see how Oliveira passes Cortese, but one lap later Sandro fries the Portuguese on the finish line and it escapes definitely not giving you any more options. In the fight for third place Khairuddin also went through the ground after having problems and we were left with the following group of six pilots: Sissis, Rins, Romano Fenati, Danny Kent, Vazquez and Alessandro Tonucci.

As I was saying, here we have seen a fight on the edge, with some very fast guys and with an incredible desire to get into the box. It's nice to see you. Finally then, Sandro took the fifth victory of the season, while Oliveria achieved his best result with second place. In the brutal fight for the other spot on the podium, Sissis ended up winning, who has achieved a great result at home (by the way, I can't help it, how beautiful the sister is). Fourth has been Rins, in another great race for our pilot who also prevails in the fight he has with Fenati for being the best rookie of the year. A Fenati that has been sixth behind Kent.

Arthur Sissis

Seventh has been Tonucci and eighth Efrén. Behind, more of ours with excellent performances: Alex Marquez ninth and closing the top have a great Isaac Viñales, you have completed your best weekend. Adrian Martin It was twelfth and Salom finally got a little point by climbing to fifteenth position.

The general classification, as you will understand, is of little interest, except for the runner-up, which is still held by Salom, who is ahead of Viñales by nine points. And be careful, because Cortese scores 97 points from Luis, a real pass and that ends with all kinds of debates. Whoever says that Sandro is not the fastest is that he has not seen the races this year.

So far, the impressive Moto3 race once again, with a Sandro who wants to say goodbye to the category of which he is already champion through the big door. Now it's time to enjoy Moto2, we still have something to celebrate. Let the racing dawn follow!

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