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Mini-camera Drift HD, high definition for your leisure moments (evaluation, video and gallery)
Mini-camera Drift HD, high definition for your leisure moments (evaluation, video and gallery)

The assortment of accessories what we will meet for these cameras is very spacious, almost as much as things to which we want to invent it. The basics that come with the camera are a adhesive backing, that we will have to think very well where we put it because then to see who removes it, and a medium to put in the glasses offroad helmet or hook it up with velcro straps. Besides I could use a support for bars It consists of two pieces of plastic joined with two screws, undoubtedly the most useful, in fact the limit of this piece is what we want to dirty the camera.

Drift HD camera: things that are left over

Drift HD camera

As you can see in the tuenti photo of my cat photo that have nothing to do with motorcycles, which are captures indoors In low light, the sensor gets a few very sharp images. I did not get to test its qualities in very low light or the "night mode", which usually do not work well, but in its predecessor, the X170 HD, and what I got was darkness and gloom. Is this a negative point? Yes, but let's not forget that we are talking about cameras intended for use in outdoor sports, so we cannot blame something where even cameras fail.

The photo mode, with your option to shoot in bursts, did not convince me. The photos tend to be blurry because it takes a long time to take the captures, in addition to taking photos we can all more or less pull our mobile or camera, so I do not see the point in including this function because we will need the help of a third person if we want to leave. I don't see it useful.

The lens also has a 4x zoom that I didn't even get to use. In these cameras with such a wide fisheye it is unnecessary unless you want to take images of an object that is going to be fixed, or at least, in my position as a medium-low level user, is what I think.

Drift HD camera: one of rationality, please

Drift HD camera

When the light bulb turns on in our minds and we think “I'm going to make a super handsome video”, we usually don't take into account the technical difficulty to take precise shots, it is not to arrive, turn on the camera and take the spectacular images that we believe, there is a lot of trial and error, but with the ergonomic facilities that this Drift HD camera offers us, we will be able to make great homemade montages with less effort.

I am sure that users with more hands will know how to take advantage of all the options that these technological gadgets offer, with this test what I have tried is to bring you an overview of the common biker who uses the camera to portray his exploits. Then it all depends on the hands you have, the time you want to dedicate and the postures you want to put in front of the camera to have a good result.

In short, whoever spends the 229, 99 euros what the camera is worth, or the 269, 99 that it is worth together with the motorcycle kit that includes suction support, adhesive mounts and charger with cigarette lighter socket, you will take a product as good as the most, speaking of purely performance issues, and very practical with its screen and the orientation possibilities of both the support and the lens, but as everything has its negative points and surely the rubber that covers it will age prematurely and the supports take some slack.

In favor: pleasant touch, easy handling, rotating lens

Against: volume and weight

Note: The Drift HD was loaned by Action Cameras. The shipping costs to dispose of the camera have been borne by the publisher. For more information, consult our policy of relations with companies.

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