MotoGP bores the sheep in the opinion of Valentino Rossi
MotoGP bores the sheep in the opinion of Valentino Rossi

In an interview with the BBC, Valentino rossi has declared in an ironic-humorous tone, that current MotoGP races are boring and very bad. The sheep thing is a tagline that I allow myself in the writing to bring the news to the traditional side, you understand me. According to Tavullia, it is necessary to follow the steps taken in Moto2 and Moto3 to give a boost to the MotoGP category.

Valentino has even said that You have a hard time staying awake in front of the TV watching a MotoGP race although these statements should not be taken out of context as everyone knows that deep down, Valentino is a very horny guy. Seriously, he commented that it takes less electronics and lowering the level of the tires.

Personally my opinion is that the formulas Moto2 and Moto3 have worked, in sight this, but the solution for MotoGP I dare not predict. The topic CRT I think they are undercover Superbike and I have always seen it as an experiment by Dorna, who knew in advance that it would not work. The theme was to see the real differences on the track of both disciplines. Having the aforementioned Dorna and Infront Sports under the same roof generates many doubts, but imposing the single switchboard complicates things even more. Of course, Valentino is somewhat right.

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