Shell changes "The Great Escape" chase to ad
Shell changes "The Great Escape" chase to ad

I do not think that at this stage of the course it is necessary to introduce Steve McQueen, the so-called King of Cool, which still still productive for a handful of brands and their heirs. So productive is Steve McQueen that Shell has decided to change the most famous chase in the movie The Great Escape (1963) to promote its gasoline.

In the film Steve plays an American officer imprisoned in a German concentration camp who participates in one of the greatest escapes ever experienced in one of those concentration camps of World War II. The original scene Hilts (Steve McQueen's character) he's supposed to drive a bmw of those used by the German army.

But actually the bike used was a Triumph TT Special 650. The original BMWs weren't capable of performing the necessary stunts in the movie. Even Steve himself had to replace the stuntmen who played the Germans because they weren't able to follow the American. The end result is that Steve ends up chasing himself in the movie.

Returning to the ad, Shell sells us that, with the gasoline that Steve's double finds in a haystack, his motorcycle is capable of running and jumping as if to leave the entire German army behind. If you have not seen the movie, I recommend that you watch it if you want to spend some time entertaining and know the end result of the persecution they have altered for this gasoline ad.

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