AXO Waterloo WP, waterproof short shaft boots
AXO Waterloo WP, waterproof short shaft boots

If scarcely a month ago AXO launched the AXO Mobility short shaft boots for daily use on the market, now it has just launched the AXO Waterloo WPAgain, short boots that can be used daily but also have the advantage of being waterproof. It is already starting to rain and you spend the day with wet feet because in the morning a cloud has decided to say good morning to you, it is not a dish of good taste for anyone.

The AXO Waterloo WP They are made of water-repellent leather with textile inserts. The inner lining features a waterproof membrane In addition to being completely breathable and anti-sweat and antiseptic properties. The insole also has the same properties as well as being removable and replaceable.

Regarding the protections, It has reinforcement in the malleolus area while the instep has a leather insert to protect it from friction against the gear lever. The closure is made by laces while it has a velcro strip on the upper part, ideal to improve the fit and leave the laces gathered underneath and not get caught anywhere. Finally, The sole is made of rubber completely non-slip to avoid uncomfortable slipping on the footrest when wet.

AXO Waterloo WP boots are available in sizes 37 to 47 and the recommended retail price is 83 euros + VAT.

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