Ingenious license plate that always "goes wrong" in photos
Ingenious license plate that always "goes wrong" in photos

How many times have we heard that phrase? And how many has been in a traffic photo? In none. Luckily or unfortunately, the speed camera cameras work like a charm. Not surprisingly, last summer the General Directorate of Traffic made sure that its roads "were safe" and took care to keep it running. 850 radars throughout Spain. Attentive to the system that some very ingenious Americans have pulled up their sleeves.

As you can see, a sensor installed on the license plate itself detects when we are taking the photo. At that precise moment a flashing system that surrounding the license plate is triggered causing an annoying white glow to appear instead of the letters and numbers of the same license plate.

On their website they are trying raise funds to bring it to life with various ways to collaborate. With the maximum donation, those responsible undertake to pay you the fines that they put you during the next five years, as long as they have been the cause of the malfunction of the system. Illegal? If it isn't, it will be, but nifty for a bit.

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