Indian Chief Vintage LE, very limited edition of the American icon
Indian Chief Vintage LE, very limited edition of the American icon

If you have about 30,000 euros you can be one of the 35 lucky people in the world who will have a Indian Chief Vintage LE in your garage. If you do not have to settle like the rest of the mortals and look at the photos, which are not bad if you like chrome and leather fringes in equal parts.

Since Polaris took over the rights to the mythical North American brand in 2011, they have been shelving some models that they try to be faithful to the maximum to the classic designs that sported the head of an Indian chief in the warehouse. But with this limited edition it seems that they have thrown the house out the window. Two-color paint (pearl white and thunder black) chrome pieces throughout, including the footrests, a screen the size of a bus windshield, white-band tires, and a seat like your sofa at home, but with fringes, makes up an image of the most retro and exclusive. Image that would not be the same without the huge fenders brand of the house.

In the technical aspect we find an engine vee-twin cubed 105 cubic inches (1,720 cc) and Polaris signature called Power Plus. The power almost does not matter because with a motorcycle like this it does not seem to be the most important thing, and if on top of it it is that exclusive almost even less. What is available are the measurements, which are not exactly small. Between axles the motorcycle measures 1,737 mm and weighs 341, 55 kg dry. It uses wheels in measures 130 / 90-16 at the front and 150 / 80-16 at the rear, both with white stripes. I think this would be too big even for our particular Stig in his tests.

If you have fallen in love but are late to reserve one of these exclusive motorcycles, you can buy the "normal" version, the Indian Chief Vintage, which is manufactured in Indian red, Indian red and ivory cream or in green willow and ivory cream. The price is about 1,500 euros less than the limited edition and you do not have the passenger seat and backrest as standard equipment. Will we see any of these circulating on our roads?

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