Máverick Viñales rectifies and publicly apologizes
Máverick Viñales rectifies and publicly apologizes

Last Friday we had breakfast with the news that Máverick Viñales had slammed the door with his team (Blusens Avintia) and had returned to Spain without even getting on the Honda at the Sepang circuit. Shortly after we heard some quite inflammatory statements from the young pilot. And there were many of us who were surprised by the situation. Today, in a new twist, Máverick apologizes and says that he will travel to Phillip Island in Australia to race and contest second place in the world championship.

Here are the rider's statements as they have been published in MotoGP:

In some medium I have read that these statements are dictated by the lawyer that Máverick has hired upon arrival in Spain. Something logical because unilaterally breaking a contract is never usually good for the party that breaks it. And with a future as promising as that of Máverick Viñales in the MotoGP World Championship (whatever category it is), it does not seem logical to let such a “blur” continue to grow in his locker. It is not necessary to remember the great memory that some brands have for the pilots who make their gestures ugly by slamming the door.

On Friday I was one of the first to criticize Máverick's behavior and today I want to be among the first to acknowledge that with this statement I believe it shows that he is more mature than it looked on Friday morning and he has understood what this is about the MotoGP World Championship. Now he just needs to get on the bike and hit the gas to get second in the Moto3 Championship and next year continue to progress in whatever team.

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