More than 420 km / h on a motorcycle
More than 420 km / h on a motorcycle

The speed record of a two-wheeler is around 600 km / h (specifically 605, 697 km / h). Speed ​​achieved by Rocky Robinson U.S.A with the Top Oil-Ack Attack streamliner in 2010. What happens is that many say that one of those prototypes cannot be classified as a motorcycle but rather as a missile with wheels. To solve this, Al Lamb got down to work this summer and reached 423, 257 km / h with his Honda CBR1000RR Amended at Bonneville.

Of course, breaking such a record is not a matter of a day and Mr. Lamb has long been making a name for himself in this speed record. What does seem clear is that his record tries to be the most authentic in the motorcycle world, with the rider in the midst of the hurricane of wind that must hit him at more than 420 km / h. Attentive to the video that has no waste, especially the on-board part with the engine of that Honda CBR1000RR (turbocharged and I imagine with quite a few modifications) roaring at full power. The fastest pass was at 265mph (426,476 km / h) but as these records are homologated to two passes, in the end the average speed achieved was 263mph (423,257 km / h). That is not turkey mucus.

Al Lamb's 265MPH Bonneville Run - * AMA / FIM Fastest Motorcycle In The World - Sit On (Average Record Speed ​​263mph) 2012 from COLORFULgrey Zach Settewongse on Vimeo.

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