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Enduro World Championship 2012 (France): Pela Renet in E2 and Laia Sanz in females take the titles
Enduro World Championship 2012 (France): Pela Renet in E2 and Laia Sanz in females take the titles

Last weekend the last test of the Enduro World Championship, and what better way to close a calendar than with a new crowning of a Spanish rider with a Spanish motorcycle: Laia sanz, yes, that same one that swept trial, has won her first enduro world champion title on the back of her Gas gas. Double dose of national pride. Unfortunately the appointment began with very bad news, since the friends of others they stole the motorcycles of Matti Seistola, Lorenzo Santolino and Rodrig Thain on Saturday night.

Enduro 2: Pela Renet takes the title and leaves the crumbs to Johnny Aubert

Pela Renet

In the E2 category, Mr. Pela Renet dedicated himself to giving the final touches to his masterpiece, achieving the world title, while Johnny Aubert beat both Saturday and Sunday to win the French Grand Prix. Aubert came out strong, leading the lead from the start and holding the pace for the next two laps until he crossed the finish line first and clinched his third win of the season.

Pela Renet would get into a fight with Juha salminen from which the latter would be victorious relegating Renet to the third placeBut I suppose he would care to risk a little less as long as he continues to be proclaimed World Champion in the E2 category, this being Husaberg's first senior world title in 14 years.

Our Christopher Guerrero would end in fourth position to win this season finale with a more than worthy runner-up. It could be better, yes, he himself has been wanting more, but we are in the ointment and it is what counts.

Enduro Women: Laia Sanz Enduro World Champion

Laia sanz

Laia sanz arrived in France leading the general of the Enduro World Championship in her category of women, and left with the Crown that proclaims it fair for the first time world cup winner. In Gallic lands two second places signed by Sanz were more than enough to inscribe his name in the memory that always remembers the champions, and more so being the first Spanish to do so in the Enduro World Championship on a motorcycle that is also 100% Spanish.

Ahead, the favorite Ludivine puy, also on a motorcycle of the Catalan brand, was made with victory in two days disputed evidence. He wanted to play a great role in his hometown to dedicate the victories to his audience, in addition to continuing to fight Sanz for the championship that had not yet been decided. Finally he did everything in his power but the difference in points could not be reduced by 6 points and Laia was crowned. Equally, both have shared all the victories and second places during the season, deciding the balance in favor of Sanz by five victories against three.

Enduro 3: the dictatorship of Christophe Nambotin


For the fourteenth time Christophe nambotin He took the daily victory, his worst results this year being two second places. With this cover letter it goes without saying who he is just deserving of the Enduro World Championship in category E3. The Frenchman was much faster throughout the year than any of his pursuers. The second classified, Joakim Ljunggren, has remained at a distance of nothing more and nothing less than 76 points.

The great dominator for years of this category, David knight, the season ended in fourth place at 136 points Of diference. Either someone is getting old, or others are stomping, but what is clear is that the fight at E3 with higher displacement bikes is more interesting than ever.

Oriol Mena, has had a good season and is over fifth David Knight's wheel with a difference of only 11 points without having disputed this last round of the French Grand Prix.

Enduro 1: Antoine Meo one more time

Antoine meo

After the theft of the three motorcycles of the category E1 Saturday night the suspension of the race was decided on Sunday, but in the test held on Saturday Antoine meo again he took the victory, with this being 12 tests that he wins, two withdrawals and a second place. Not bad, no sir, great season for Antoine Meo and winner on his own merits of the title of Enduro World Champion in Enduro 1 on his KTM EXC-F 250.

In reality, Sunday's race was not suspended, but it was decided not to score points for the championship and the pilots went out exclusively to have fun. Lorenzo SantolinoObviously, without a motorcycle he could not go out to have fun with his friends, but he has finished this 2012 season in a eighth position ending that does not do justice to the work you have employed. Now we just need to catch the bastards who have taken their motorcycles to start the 2013 work with force.

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