Josh Hayes, the AMA Superbike Champion in action
Josh Hayes, the AMA Superbike Champion in action

The time has come for me to confess: this year I have added to my list of speed competitions that I follow religiously that of the AMA Superbike, the American championship of the motorcycles derived of series. Of course, I joined mid-season, when I discovered that they broadcast it on the channel Motors TV. They did not put them live, but since it is easy not to find out the result, because I enjoyed them just the same. Well, the championship is over, and the title has been, for the third consecutive year, for Josh Hayes, of which I bring you a video tribute to the great season he has made.

It must be said that Hayes, who is already 38 years old, has dominated the championship from start to finish and has entered the Olympus of the greatest of the AMA Superbike. To give you a little idea, this year with his Yamaha YZF-R1 has achieved nothing less than sixteen victories of the twenty races that have been contested, of which ten were consecutive. In addition, in the different American categories he has a total of 53 victories and five titles, which shows that his legend in those parts is no coincidence.

With this panorama, you will think that logically the races of the AMA are a bore, with the absolute dominance of Josh. Well, nothing is further from the truth, because yes, obviously their insulting superiority removes emotion, but these guys are all crazy and you see some fights that put you on your feet in an instant. What's more, here there are no tactics Nor him: I wait here to see what I do at the end of the race, no. Here they go to sack from minute one and hitting axes left and right. And do not forget it, all this on circuits where the World Cup would never set foot in them, With the walls too close Be careful, I'm not saying this is good, but it impresses.

I leave you with the video that the organization of the championship itself has dedicated to him, which surely they have had a difficult time, because of spectacular images and celebrations the friend is well served. Congratulations Josh and hopefully next year it will give the rest a bit of barracks, hehe.

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