Good music, a pretty and stunt girl, who gives more?
Good music, a pretty and stunt girl, who gives more?

At this time, what hits you is to relax a little bit and watch that hard Monday go by. So do not worry, because I bring you a music video so that you forget everything. It is a song (which is not bad at all) by the British group Spiritualized call Little girl, a girl quite related to our world comes out (I'll tell you who she is later) and we can see a little bit of stunt, that never hurts. So without further ado I leave you with the video and now we talk …

What do you think? It seems to me personally that he is quite currado, the truth. Well, the little girl who runs away from home with her Ducati monster is none other than Chesca Miles, a girl who besides being one of the best British stunt drivers, She is a model and singer. Come on, the girl is complete, and very pretty. In addition, it is not the first time that she appears here, that my friend Luis had already told us about her at the presentation of the new James Bond novel.

Otherwise, the video is shot in Germany and directed by Vincent Haycock, who also had the collaboration of the German stunt pilot Julian Pohl and with a group called Eastside Xtremes. And now to hit play again, it's worth it.

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