The pincer strikes again, now at a gas station
The pincer strikes again, now at a gas station

It had been a while since we had seen our friend the pincers act. To solve this problem today we are going with a awesome video that after seeing him leaves you with the idea that it is better that he had stayed at home that day.

Everything seems to start when our friend arrives at a gas station and fills up the tank of his "brand new" motorcycle. I imagine that after paying for the fuel you start the motorcycle and look at where a fire suddenly starts on the ground near the motorcycle. Our friend, scared, throws the motorcycle and flees while his partner records the entire accident from his helmet camera.

The second part of the video tells us that, after going home to get the motorcycle papers to show them to the police who had come to the gas station, our clumsy friend gives himself a good smack at the entrance of the gas station with another motorcycle. Having seen it, it was almost better to have stayed at home.

In the video they comment that in the entire gas station there was only one extinguisher that was also behind a glass that only broke after three attempts. Meanwhile I imagine that the motorcycle was still burning right next to a gas pump. Come on, the worst nightmare you could think of turned into reality. Fortunately nobody was hurt in all the accidents that we see in this video.

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