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Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200, test (highway, passenger and track driving)
Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200, test (highway, passenger and track driving)

Take out the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 to highway it is to enjoy it almost fully. It is extremely comfortable both in terms of seating comfort and ergonomics at its controls and aerodynamic protection. The dome in the lowest position will not protect us at all but if we place it in the highest position, unless we are very high we will be almost completely protected.

The plus of having cruise control It is quite an advantage if we are going to take long distances at constant speeds and thus forget about fines and that our right hand ends up getting tired. Although the bike is very wide, it also correctly protects the leg area and at high speeds these will not tend to open, something that does sometimes happen on other similar or naked-type bikes.

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

We have a 20 liter capacity tank so although we have not yet talked about consumption, we know that we will be able to take quite a few kilometers by road since we will enjoy a fairly high autonomy.

As to the dynamics and stability of the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 is very good. The suspensions with a soft setting take us literally in flight, absorbing any irregularity without any problem. Even so, it keeps the line perfectly in fast curves although in the middle of them we find the typical bathtubs. You can ride fast and with absolute confidence.

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200, just as good a duo

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

We arrived to pick up our passenger and give us your feedback from the back seat. The first of it is that the seat is quite high so the simplest thing is to step on the footrest and climb as if it were a horse.

We in front have to be attentive to the maneuver since we can be surprised. Between the weight, the height and now the passenger on the side of the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200It could cause our leg to fail and hit the ground. Solution if we are not very sure or the terrain is a bit uneven: remove the side leg.

Once on the seat, our passenger finds his position quickly. Both the softness and the dimensions are perfect and the location of the handles, on both sides, is ideal for letting your arms fall on it. Likewise, the footrests are also positioned at a good height and allow the knees to be completely relaxed.

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

On the move confirms my first impressions although, when we accelerate with force, as the seat is quite flat you have to hold on tight if we don't want to end up being literally left behind. The Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 accelerates, and a lot for a trail as we have commented.

If at that time we decide to look for a posture a little more coupled with the pilot We will have it somewhat complicated since the distance between the seat and the fuel tank, in addition to its low position, will prevent us from reaching it to support ourselves. The best solution is to carry one hand on a handle and the other resting on the tank itself. In this way we will be able to hold on much better and in a more comfortable way if the one in front decides to take out all its potential in curves to the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200.

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200, offroad driving on tracks

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

The last stop today will be off the asphalt as we will take advantage of the offroad capabilities of the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 to take a tour out of the black, as they say. Go ahead that my experience in this terrain is limited to when I dirt with the supermotard and it goes without saying that the differences in size and weight are quite large.

The first thing to say is that the tires that come standard, the Metzeler Tourance EXP, despite being tires in theory mixed, they are not prepared to do any mischief as soon as we get off the asphalt. If we will have a little more traction than with a few percent asphalt silt, but as soon as the terrain becomes a bit complicated, we will notice a lot of loss of grip.

Here it is good that we adapt the traction control to our experience. In the most restrictive position, it will not allow practically any slipping of the rear wheel of the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200.

If, on the other hand, we put it in an intermediate position, we will be able to play something with the rear end when accelerating, although always within safety margins. Finally, in the disconnected position, you will have to be very careful with the throttle grip because remember that we have almost 140 hp there ready to go galloping.

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

The exchange ratio that, as we have commented, is tighter in the first two speeds It will allow us to go very slowly without the need to continually pull the clutch, making it much more rested and much more comfortable to drive. In addition, the good torque of the three-cylinder engine will allow us to go very low in laps without kicking or uncomfortable piston strokes as in other trails.

As it is so big and so high, it will be necessary to have a lot of attention to the terrain that we tread and don't put your feet in a hole. If we pass the point of no return on the incline, no one will stop us and we will end up battered in the middle of the road and with a bad face. The same happens for maneuvers while standing still because the lower elevation of the terrain will prevent us from moving the motorcycle comfortably at its controls and we will have to get off and do it from the side.

If we believe we are Ewan McGregor and decide to go around the world, fully loaded, with suitcases and half a house on board, there will be a lot of practice beforehand. to be able to take the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 wherever we want. It is not made for newbies in this field, although with slightly more off-road tires we will gain in safety.

I'll leave you for today, I'm going to hose down the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 so that on Friday, we can sit down and draw the conclusions of what we have found the British trail.

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