Mototaxi Vs taxi in Madrid, who will win?
Mototaxi Vs taxi in Madrid, who will win?

Service Motorcycle taxi It is not unknown to us since we have already talked about it on more than one occasion. Very widespread in Europe, Madrid already has several companies that are dedicated to transporting travelers in a much faster way, but how much faster? Well, to find out, nothing better than to face them face to face in a race (taxi race, not speed) and see how one and the other behave in front of traffic.

The competition, of about six kilometers In total, it starts from the Plaza Castilla Courts and has as its goal the Plaza de España, at an hour with relatively high traffic although it is not rush hour either: six in the afternoon.

The lowering of the flag takes place in the taxi with 2, 15 euros while in the moto-taxi this part of the 150 euros so the motorcycle already starts with an initial advantage of 65 cents. Let's see how they behave:

During the tour, the motorcycle's advantage is demonstrated by its agility to avoid traffic jams and manage to complete the journey in just under 16 minutes at a total cost of 8, 45 €. To see the taxi arrive, we will still have to wait a little over ten minutes, enough difference even taking into account the time it may take to put on and take off the helmet. This will arrive by marking on your meter 13, 45 € which is almost five euros of difference for the same route.

Worth? It depends. Economically it seems that it is and with regard to time, if you are one of those who lives dependent on the clock, then those 10 minutes of savings can be translated into something productive that you can do, right? But of course, you will be colder, you will get a little wet and you will have neither radio nor conversation. That already for tastes.

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