Endurock 2012: Thomas Mabily, extreme enduro without protections
Endurock 2012: Thomas Mabily, extreme enduro without protections

The first rains of this winter have already begun and tired of swallowing dust throughout the summer, the season begins to enjoy on the field motorcycle for more and more off-road fans in our country. Of course many of them, including myself, we do it as simple amateurs without any competitive aspiration so every time we see a video like the one I bring you about extreme Enduro knowing how hard a complicated route can be, it does that the admiration for these pilots grows even more.

As you can see, the video shows us this year's test called Endurock. An extreme Enduro test held for two days at the end of April in which the protagonist of the video Thomas Mabily nicknamed "the gardener" he is the only rider who has managed to finish the Endurock crossing all the areas.

Thomas Mabily is a Mabily Freerider team rider who, as you can see, is tough like few others or is very lucky because after the accident he has in the river he tries again as if nothing had happened. But also what surprises me the most is that do not use any type of protectionsYou can even see him riding sleeveless. And that trial type helmet I don't think is the most appropriate either, if only because of the amount of mud that can go straight to your face.

But still Thomas Mabily is willing to participate in extreme Enduro races as famous as the Erzberg Rodeo or the Red Bull Romaniacs and if he does it as well as in this Endurock 2012 we will surely see him more often.

Thanks "African" for the track.

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