Triton of our days give us today
Triton of our days give us today

Don't you know what a Triton is? Well, if you have a moment, I recommend that you take a look at the series of articles that we publish in MotorpasiĆ³n Moto about Cafe Racer. So you can know that a Triton is the union of a Norton Featherbed chassis with a Triumph twin engine.

Of course, this invention dates from the fifties / sixties, something that at the time was the most, speaking of sports motorcycles, can now become a real mechanical nightmare. Because one of those engines twin-cylinder made in England they weren't exactly the most reliable in the world if you didn't pamper them like the apple of your eyes. And if we talk about electrical issues we are talking about technologies known as "the prince of darkness" nickname that the ignited Lucas of alternatively random failure earned.

Lars Lykkegaard came across something like this when he bought a Triton with an old Triumph Bonneville 650cc engine. In evaluating whether to repair the original components, Lars stumbled upon that the spare parts were quite expensive. So the solution adopted was the most extreme. Buy a modern Triumph Thruxton and transplant its engine to the Norton chassis. The result is what you see in the photos that Bike Exif has published.

Triton with modern Triumph engine

Of course work it was not as simple as taking both bikes apart and combining the parts. In addition to making the new engine support plates, the semi-handlebars and brake caliper mounts were also manufactured. One of the most popular parts was the inclusion of the gasoline pump in the original 1960 tank. And having modern wheels at hand, Lars did not hesitate to use them, after changing the spokes for other stainless steel and fitting them with Bridgestone tires.. The icing on the cake was the upgrade of the electronic engine control unit and a Motogadget M-Lock ignition key.

The next thing Lars did was start the bike for a 10-minute lap. After checking that everything was correct, he went on a trip with the motorcycle and crossed the whole of Europe. In all the kilometers he did, he only had to tighten a few screws and replace the headlight bulb that burned out. The year and a half that he invested in it seems that he obtained the best of the possible results when you modify a motorcycle, and that is that it works better than the original and without problems.

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