MotoGP Malaysia 2012: squashed finish for Dani Pedrosa's sixth victory
MotoGP Malaysia 2012: squashed finish for Dani Pedrosa's sixth victory

With honey on our lips we have stayed after Race Direction decided to end the MotoGP race of the Malaysian Grand Prix. Dani Pedrosa has shown off again on the grid of the premier class adding his sixth victory of the season, the third in a row. In second place, and even thinking about what he could have lost, Jorge Lorenzo with a huge Casey stoner in third place. How could it be otherwise, at the start it was the two Spanish pilots who were at the head of the peloton.

And they did it in addition with an overwhelming difference over the rest. In another world, Stefan Bradl, Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso, Casey Stoner and Álvaro Bautista were fighting in what must have been the group that will lift us up from the couch excited. In the second round Jorge seemed not to be saving a bit of his talent and led the test with three tenths over # 26.

Difference that Pedrosa would be in charge of undoing during the following laps to get behind the Yamaha and hold his position trying to put all the pressure on Lorenzo's shoulders. Behind, Casey Stoner had gotten rid of his opponents and Dovizioso passed Stefan and Valentino to try to follow the Australian.

Jorge Lorenzo vs Dani Pedrosa

Seven laps had passed when the race conditions became increasingly difficult. A fact verifiable by the continuous falls we've seen going through a tough diet on the MotoGP grid. Lorenzo and Pedrosa on the one hand, then Casey Stoner alone, followed by Dovi, Rossi and after them Nicky Hayden, Bradl and Bautista. It was then that Ben Spies suffered a spectacular fall that seems to have injured his left shoulder.

The Texan accident, far from being an exception, set trend behind him Cal Cruchtlow was spreading in Malay gravel. Seconds later, when Cal was still walking by the loophole, Randy De Puniet fell to the ground giving a good scare to the stewards who were trying to get the Yamaha Tech3 out. Also Stefan Bradl, who was already ahead of Rossi, abandoned the race.

Ten laps from the end Dani Pedrosa brought out the best of the Honda RCV213 to surpass and distance himself from the Majorcan. The laps were passing when Casey Stoner's breath began to be noticed on the Yamaha team, the Australian was getting dangerously close. It was then that Jorge began to raise his hand because of the amount of water on the track. We do not know if because of the water or because he was thinking about stopping the race, Lorenzo himself was about to hit it by braking when he lost his grip on the front axle. The 99, in a display of reflexes and skills, regained his grip and went straight, causing Stoner to take up position just behind him.

Unfortunately, when it was most interesting, it was decided to draw the red flag due to harsh weather conditions. Without having passed 67% of the race, lap 13 was considered good and, although they waited in the hope that it would clear, the test could not be retaken in a seven-turn sprint. A) Yes, Dani Pedrosa gets less than one race behind Jorge Lorenzo while on television they continue to make calculations so that Jorge is champion.

Aleix Espargaró, without Randy in the race, he extends his lead with a great eighth place in the CRT category.

Note: special award for the best Mela Wednesday comment of the season with that "it never rains to everyone's taste".

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