MotoGP Malaysia 2012: Sandro Cortese wins in Moto3 against local hero Zulfahmi Khairuddin
MotoGP Malaysia 2012: Sandro Cortese wins in Moto3 against local hero Zulfahmi Khairuddin

As always, beautiful is the race we have seen in the category of Moto3 in the circuit of Sepang. And that started very calm. But the threat of rain in the middle of the race and the final fight for victory gave him incredible excitement. You already know the final result, victory and world champion title for Sandro Cortese, who cannot be blamed for anything. Well, maybe yes, since he has stolen the victory from the poor man Zulfahmi Khairuddin, that before his public he has had the race of his life and has finished second. The podium has closed it Jonas Folger, with another great performance. Let's go to trouble …

The traffic light would go off and, as I told you, everything began relatively quietly. Khairuddin was doing very well, but quickly it was Folger who took the lead and began to pull hard. They followed him Efren Vazquez that it turned out very well, Cortese, Louis rossi and Danny Kent, while Luis Salom, that came tenth, began to gain positions. Efrén would begin to lose rope, while Salom continued to climb. Thus, it did not take long for a stable and compact group of five drivers to form: Folger, Khairuddin, Cortese, Rossi and Salom.

Jonas tried to escape but could not, and except for some overtaking between Rossi and Cortese, the rest was absolute tranquility, all waiting for their moment. Zulfahmi could be seen very well, controlling the German who led the test at all times and wanting to bring joy to his fans. The first to fall from the group, and also literally, was Rossi, that with thirteen laps remaining, he lost control of his bike and fell to the ground, momentarily cutting Salom, who was running behind him, although it didn't take long to get back in touch with the front group.

Zulfahmi Khairuddin

The laps passed and with ten laps to go, Salom overtook Sandro for the first time, who had the title and the race more than controlled. It did not take long for Luis to regain his position, and return to third place, from where he was enjoying himself from the tranquility. And a very decisive moment arrives, in the absence of nine laps, that is, the right half of the race, the white flag with the red cross appears, indicating that it was starting to rain and that there could be drops on the track. At the same time, Salom began to have problems and was totally off the hook, having to start fighting with a leathery group composed of Danny Kent, Alex Rins and Miguel Oliveira.

There was thus a front group formed by Folger, Zulfahmi and Sandro. And the festival begins, because when you reached 2/3 of the race you had to be vigilant, since if the red flag appeared it would count the last full lap, and both Khairuddin and Folger wanted to pass first. There began a beautiful fight between the Malaysian and the German that was not at stake, while Cortese continued to enjoy the views from a comfortable third position. Although here the friend was not willing to settle.

Thus, when it seemed that Khairuddin was already running as the top candidate to win the race, Sandro overtook Folger and placed himself very close to the Malay. Some might think that Cortese was going to let his partner win at home, but He wanted to take the title by the big door, getting the victory, and it must be recognized that he has played his cards better than anyone. He waited for the last lap, and the truth is that it was spectacular, risking a lot and against a Zulfahmi who has given everything and has not shrunk at any time. In the end, victory for Cortese by only 28 thousandths over Khairuddin, and of course the overwhelmed joy at the fourth victory of the season, and of course the world champion title, the first to achieve it in the Moto3 category.

Jonas folger

Second, Khairuddin, who has made an absolute run and he has achieved his first podium in the world championship and the first also for a Malaysian rider. There he is certainly a hero, as has been seen during the race and in the celebration. Third on the podium was Folger, who continues with his excellent end to the season caused by his change of scenery. Fourth, Salom finally entered, followed by Miguel Oliveira in the fifth, Kent in the sixth and Rins in the seventh. Finally, Efrén has been eighth, ninth Niklas Garlic and closing the top have an excellent Adrián Martín.

Regarding the provisional general classification, although already very definitive, Sandro Cortese has taken the title thanks to the 280 points he has. Now Salom is second again, among other things, for everything that happened with Maverick ViñalesWe already know of his starring role this weekend, although not exactly on the bike. Anyway, what nothing can be reproached for the title achieved by the German, who has dominated this category from start to finish, with outstanding consistency and very difficult to achieve.

So that, we already know the first world champion of this year 2012, Sandro Cortese, and now we have to see the other two races, where we can also have a champion, even if it is a little more complicated. At the moment the forecasts have been fulfilled with Sandro, we will see what happens and hopefully the rain will stop a bit, that things have stopped and the start of Moto2 has been delayed.

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