MotoGP Malaysia 2012: Maverick Viñales breaks his contract with Blusens Avintia
MotoGP Malaysia 2012: Maverick Viñales breaks his contract with Blusens Avintia

We will not see this image again

We just heard from Dennis Noyes and Keko Ochoa's own mouths that Maverick Viñales has broken his contract with Blusens Avintia just before the start of the Malaysian Grand Prix. The rumor has spread like wildfire throughout the paddock and Ian Wheeler He has also launched the rumor on his twitter about the same thing but also adds that it could be possible that in the next race, Australia, he was on a Moto2.

Maverick Viñales has not even gone out on the track in this first training session and the only image that has been seen of him has been when he was going to meet Carmelo Ezpeleta. Tonight the Spanish rider had a strong discussion with his team boss and manager, Ricard Jové, for disagreements with the operation of the equipment and the performance of your Honda FTR.

Ricard Jové and Raúl Romero, owner of the team, are also meeting with Carmelo Ezpeleta. At the exit, Maverick Viñales declared the following on television.

Update 04:30

Update 04:37:

According Jorge Martínez "Aspar" When he saw Maverick Viñales without going out on the track, he did not understand anything. It's not good for him or his team. We made him an offer by handing it over to Ricard Jové at the GP of the Czech Republic. My drivers haven't paid a single euro to join the team. We have given the letter of freedom to the pilots with whom we have no longer counted but we do without them because our sponsors demand results. When asked if Jorge Martínez “Aspar” is going to sign him, he wants to know first what is happening and then we will see.

Update 04:50:

According Ricard Jové, team manager of the team and manager of Maverick Viñales: Yesterday he told us that he did not want to continue because he was not happy with the bike and could not continue. Our season is not bad in view of the results, think about it. I think he's wrong and it tastes bad to me. Out of respect for his work and his sponsors, he has to finish the job and then we will discuss whether or not to continue and under what conditions. You cannot break the contract unilaterally but you have to see the conditions to do it amicably. It is one of the most unlikely days of my life. I do not wish him anything bad, because I have been betting on his talent for 5 years, but with talent you cannot alone. The team cannot understand or react normally to this event after the results obtained. Time will give and take the reasons from one or the other. Five drivers, seven podiums, rookie last year, we have changed their technical chief from Japan. To the question of Maverick Viñales' complaint that the offers have not reached him, Ricard does not want to go into it but it is false.

Raul Romero He's surprised and this is getting out of hand. If you want to get on the bike, the bike and the mechanics are there. Both he and we may have done it wrong but not to get to this situation. Let's wait for things to cool down. AND Raúl Romero ended the interview with tears in his eyes noticing it very hurt.

As Maverick Viñales had a contract signed for two seasons, 2013 and 2014, without a letter of freedom could stay without running two years

By the way, congratulations on the work of Mediaset interviewing all the parties involved and other members of the paddock to know the news first hand and without rumors or the like.

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