LML Star 125 automatic, the hybrid that many were waiting for
LML Star 125 automatic, the hybrid that many were waiting for

The dictionary of the RAE says that a hybrid is the product of elements of a different nature. That is why when you read that LML has already put the LML Star 125cc 4T Automatic We can say that the dreams of many romantics who love the aesthetics of a Vespa have been fulfilled but they are put back by what it means to keep a classic motorcycle or simply with gears on their fists. That is also a point to take into account.

The paradox is that with this LML Star 125cc 4T Automatic Indian manufacturers are selling motorcycles to Italians while the original designer (Piaggio) watches the business from across the street. It already happened when LML presented the first units with 4-stroke engines, many said that Piaggio already had a Made in Italy option prepared, an option that never came. Now surely many say the same thing again, but while that Italian response arrives, the Indians continue to make money.

The mechanics found in the LML Star 125cc 4T Automatic are said to use a mechanics of our own design, with a single cylinder four-stroke engine in an upright position, with a SOHC cylinder head and two valves. Feeding is done through a system of electronic carburetor jointly developed with Dell’Orto, which also uses a Lambda probe to control emissions. Starting can be done by kick or electric motor. The first system uses an electrolytic capacitor that allows kick starting when the battery is depleted. The cooling of this engine is by forced air, and due to the peculiarity of the monocoque configuration of the chassis, in LML an L.I.A.S. system had to be invented. (LML Inlet Air System) of pipes that guarantee fresh air right where it is needed.

LML Star 125 4T Automatic

Engine performance is modest, hovering around 9 hp at 8,000 rpm and a torque of 8.7 Nm at 6,000 rpm it also complies with the Euro3 standard. Although these data, on a motorcycle that they say weighs somewhat less than its counterpart with manual transmission, it seems that they will allow you to drive it with a little more joy. Consumption also offers interesting figures, promising the 2.22 liters per 100 km, which together with the new 7-liter tank, located on the side instead of under the seat, would allow to drive this LML Star 125cc 4T Automatic for more than 300 km without refueling. In addition, these refueling will only be gasoline, the oil is not exactly cheap.

Finally, the price of this motorcycle, which could be the panacea for many, is 2,510 euros. It will be available in four finishes Classic, Glamor, Vintage and Prestige. And each finish will have a wide palette of colors ranging from the most classic white, silver or black to avocado yellow, muddy chocolate, English green or sky blue.

In my opinion this has both positive and negative parts. On the one hand they will allow what we have already said, that people who do not want to mess with the maintenance of an old mechanics can have a Vespa and use it daily. Of course, the most purists of the subject are going to have another model to prohibit in the concentrations. So in the end we may have to test the pedigree of our bikes to be able to get closer to them and their concentrations. And from there to the extermination of the non-pure there is only one step. Let's trust the common sense of the people to see if we can all continue to live together in peace and harmony.

By the way, if you want to know how one of these LML with a 4-stroke engine and gears in the grip goes, in the classic style, Morrillu already told us a few weeks ago. The version without gears will take a little longer to test.

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