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British Superbikes 2012: trident and crown for Shane Byrne
British Superbikes 2012: trident and crown for Shane Byrne

We anticipate it the day before yesterday, today we tell you everything. The 2012 British Superbikes had the difficult task of matching the final we experienced last year in which Tommy Hill won the title at the last corner by six thousandths. Knowing that we could not expect another similar duel, we expected that the three races held in Brands Hatch As icing on the cake of the Showdown they will give us the odd surprise. After Silverstone, Alex Lowes had proven to be in a position to give the bell despite Brands being the most favorable route for Shane Byrne. And they began to hear chimes when Alex took pole position …

First race, rain ends Lowes vs Byrne duel

We said it in the preview, and also on Twitter. Personally the final round of British Superbikes It would be a heads up between Shane Byrne and Alex Lowes, with the balance clearly in favor of Shakey due to the undoubted weight of his experience and Brands being his favorite circuit.

With the traffic light off our suspicions were confirmed. The Honda CBR1000RR from numbers 22 and 67 on the impeccable white of the Kawasaki clearly distanced themselves from their competitors. Meters behind, Stuart Easton was teaming up as a stopper for the other Showdown drivers. Tommy Hill, Josh Brookes and Michael Laverty were locked in a battle to get rid of Paul Bird's Kawasaki. Of these, only Michael managed to move on.

In fact, he got to Lowes' position and was able to pass him, if only by a few corners. As if that were not enough, Michael was eliminated from the battle by going long in one of the stops. A) Yes, Shakey dominated the test when we saw Alex on the floor. Bad luck wanted the clouds to download on this roller coaster that pretends to be a speed circuit. However, the flags that were supposed to warn of the wet element on the asphalt arrived only when Lowes slammed against the guards. Either that or the young pilot didn't see the signs. The race ended with Byrne on top.

Be that as it may, the WFR Honda acted like a real winner. He fell, losing almost all his options for the title and a good role … and when he got up he lacked time to smile and greet an overturned audience with this pilot promise. As you will see in the summary, he personally congratulated Shakey.

  • 1: Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki)
  • 2: Tommy Hill (Swan Yamaha) 1 lap
  • 3: Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) 1 lap
  • 4: James Westmoreland (WFR Honda) 1 lap
  • 5: Stuart Easton (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki) 1 lap
  • 6: Barry Burrell (Buildbase BMW) 1 lap

Second race, stroking the title

On Sunday the clouds gave rest and the sun shone brightly in England ready to welcome the new king of BSB. The race started strong and very similar to the first, that is, with Shane leading the classification without anyone being able to bother him at any time. Stuart, on this occasion, he was able to follow his slipstream during the first laps to defend his teammate from the constant attacks of Lowes. The result of these attacks were the best moments of the test with countless overtaking.

In the middle of the race, unfortunately for everyone, Alex's Honda said enough and had to retire, is Honda Honda? They say … A shame because at that time the fight with Josh Brookes was quite a show. Also noteworthy is the stellar appearance of Barry Burrell aboard the Buildbase BMW S1000RR. He arrived, struck the ax everywhere, and went straight for Shakey, without catching him.

With five laps to the checkered flag, Graeme Gowland disappeared from the rankings. He was being treated after a strong fall thus forcing the yellow flag and the entrance of the safety car. When the Nissan GTR pitted again, Shakey was intractable while Josh Brookes and Michael Laverty tackled Burrel's position. It was Shakey's second victory, and he was already receiving congratulations from his opponents.

  • 1: Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki)
  • 2: Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) + 1,144s
  • 3: Michael Laverty (Samsung Honda) + 1,918s
  • 4: Barry Burrell (Buildbase BMW) + 2,029s
  • 5: Tommy Bridewell (Supersonic BMW) + 2,165s
  • 6: Tommy Hill (Swan Yamaha) + 4.839s

Third race, King Shakey

In the last race of this spectacular season Josh Brookes came out ready to give a driving lesson. Byrne followed, of course, Michael Laverty and Alex Lowes. The Honda riders were, once again, the center of attention of the fans and viewers. The perfect distance between the two duos contributed to this: the ideal distance to see two different battles on the same plane.

You are on the brink of disaster. Shakey did not need to win to be champion, but he insisted on not letting himself win despite fighting with one of the toughest drivers on the grid. In one of his many attempts, he managed to get rid of the Aussie and ride at his own pace to the finish line. It was being too calm an ending when disaster struck in the back duo. At the first downhill bend Alex Lowes lunged into the angle, stepping on the paint on the piano, lost his grip and took on the road to Laverty.

This is how you win a Shane championship, with a treble for your crown.

  • 1: Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki)
  • 2: Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) + 0.328s
  • 3: Tommy Hill (Swan Yamaha) + 4.445s
  • 4: Tommy Bridewell (Supersonic BMW) + 4.511s
  • 5: Barry Burrell (Buildbase BMW) + 17,899s
  • 6: James Westmoreland (WFR Honda) + 20,199s

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