Rome year zero, no more motorcycles in the historic center
Rome year zero, no more motorcycles in the historic center

This news has been around since 2006, but finally the mayor of Rome has set a date to limit the access of the most polluting motorcycles to the center of the eternal city. As of November 1, 2012, motorcycles that comply with the Euro0 and Euro1 standards will not be able to circulate during the week.. The exclusion zone will be the so-called Railway Ring, the historic center of the city.

This means that If you have a motorcycle over ten years old, you will not be able to enter that area of ​​the city. That crude. Rome is a city with an estimated fleet of 600,000 motorcycles and even so it has a traffic that to classify it as infernal is an understatement. Of that amount of motorcycles, approximately one sixth comply with the Euro1 standard, which was established in 1999, but lived a moratorium until 2004. Of course, at the other extreme is the historical heritage that suffers greatly because of the polluting gases emitted by any vehicle even if it complies with the Euro standard. The politicians' solution is to cut their losses and that's it.

Once again legislators seem to forget about motorcycles. Because while cars are already in the Euro5 standard, most motorcycles are still in the Euro3 standard. This could soon lead to all motorcycles being banned for the simple reason that they haven't been updated at the same speed as cars. If it turns out that motorcycles are a solution to improve urban traffic, they help to motorize people who have less purchasing power and we are in the middle of a crisis that drowns everyone. In which country do these politicians who are dedicated to legislating on vehicles that circulate in Europe live? Is it that they do not have enough to fry us with taxes on the price of gasoline and prefer to “crunch” us with the prices of public transport? What a panorama, I think I'm going to ask that the world stop me getting off right here.

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