Vespa Fashion, get ready to freak out in colorful colors
Vespa Fashion, get ready to freak out in colorful colors

When you talk about Vespa and fashion the association is fast and almost all of us come to mind scenes like those of Vacation in Rome or Quadrophenia. Of course, when you take it to another part of the world (specifically India) the concept of fashion varies a lot, so much so that I almost gag when I see the video that I bring you today.

And this promotional video is intended to be encourage young people in India to buy a Vespa. Of the current models, which have recently arrived in the huge Asian country, to disembark in that huge market that until recently was the private preserve of some Japanese brands and the unknown brands of the country. That by number of sales they are far ahead of the other world manufacturers.

Of course, I hope that the qualities are a little better than those that I know first-hand in some classic models. Because making many motorcycles at a competitive price seems to have become a private license to sell chopped at the price of jabugo. You are warned if you give the video play, get ready to see colorines and snobbery in huge quantities. I'm sorry because surely there are those who think that this is very "cool" but it does not seem so to me.

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