GIVI TRK52N, so big that you can use it as a cradle
GIVI TRK52N, so big that you can use it as a cradle

When we saw the preparation he had made GIVI on the Honda Crosstourer to be able to move with it, we saw that it had incorporated one of its novelties. It was about the top case or trunk GIVI TRK52N, considered the largest in its category And honestly, seeing the size in there takes practically everything that we propose.

Until now, GIVI already had two trunks in its catalog, the TRK33 and the TRK46 with 33 and 46-liter capacity each. The GIVI TRK52N, as their figures indicate, increases its capacity to 52 liters which allows two full-face or even modular helmets to be stored inside.

It is made in glass fiber reinforced techno-polymer so it has good structural rigidity. And its square shapes allow you to take advantage of every last loophole. The coating on Anodized aluminum It gives a feeling of solidity and a most adventurous look for the latest batch of trails.

To install it, simply install the Monokey bindings and in addition, the multiple accessories that already exist for the other models can be attached to it, such as the passenger backrest, the upper luggage rack or rings to carry more extra luggage.

The price of the trunk GIVI TRK52N It is € 241, 53 (+ VAT).

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