New in Cologne Hall 2012: Yamaha FZ8 Fazer and FZ8N
New in Cologne Hall 2012: Yamaha FZ8 Fazer and FZ8N

When we were presented with the Yamaha FZ8 Fazer Some time ago some of us thought it was a bike that would not have much space when positioned so close to the Yamaha FZ1. But over time this medium-high displacement bike is holding onto the market with very little change. Let's take a look at what will change for 2013 on Yamaha FZ8 Fazer and FZ8N models.

On the one hand we see that Yamaha FZ8 Fazer and FZ8N are also included in the Race Blu decoration that Fausto presented to us about a month ago. You can also buy it in the colors midnight black, competition white and matt gray. But the most significant changes are found in the new improved suspension. Suspension that will now be adjustable on both axles. They may not be "black leg" suspensions but they will surely be enough for the most critical of this type of motorcycle to lose one more option in their criticism.

Also new for 2013 are the transparent optics of the indicators and a new silencer. This, in addition to its new line, also offers a different sound to the one we already knew. So far the changes for 2013, This year it seems that nothing else will be played on the Yamaha FZ8 Fazer and FZ8N.

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