We already have a calendar for the CEV Buckler 2013
We already have a calendar for the CEV Buckler 2013

Between all the fuss with the Japanese Grand Prix The calendar that has already left the CEV Buckler 2013. Last Friday the RFME (Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation) and Dorna released a statement with the evidence that will make up the Spanish Speed ​​Championship in the next year, and although there are few changes, some other little thing can be highlighted. Let's see the dates in question and now we will comment on it …

  • April 28 - Circuit de Catalunya
  • May 26 - MotorLand Aragon
  • June 23 - Circuit of Albacete
  • September 8 - Circuit of Albacete
  • September 22 - Circuit of Navarra (pending confirmation)
  • 17 november - Circuit of the Valencian Community
  • 24 november - Jerez Circuit

As you can see there are still only seven tests, as has been customary in recent years. We can highlight, for example, that the championship will begin in the Catalunya circuit, when lately I did it in the of Sherry, While this will have the closing of the calendar, as happened a couple of years ago, which personally and selfishly comes to me from fable.

The Albacete circuit is still the only one that will repeat with two tests held by those parts, while the Navarra circuit, which made its debut in 2012, appears as the only appointment pending confirmation, although we hope it has no problems. For the rest, also say that will start later than this 2012 and that it will also end a little later, arriving at the end of November.

Anyway, what when We still have a test to play and a champion to meet (in the Moto2 category) at the CEV Buckler 2012, we are already making plans for next year. At the moment I have already marked on the calendar November 24, 2013, since I already have an appointment with a championship that I have more and more affection for.

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