Who said refueling had to be boring and unpleasant?
Who said refueling had to be boring and unpleasant?

Once again, in my personal crusade to make you known, giving them the importance and relevance they deserve, some of the places, workshops, manufacturers or motorcycles that we have in our own country and that often go unnoticed due to the proximity. This time I bring you a very special service station. And what is special about a gas station? You may wonder, if it is simply a place to refuel and continue your route. Well, keep reading and you will find out.

Announcement poster in Garmar

On this occasion we are in a small municipality next to Salamanca called Villares de la Reina and at the beginning of its journey, we are already struck by a beautiful stainless steel and glass building that stands next to a Repsol service station. That is precisely where we are going to stop to observe carefully the Garmar service station. One of those sites, wherever you look, never ceases to amaze you with the care and detail that has been put into every corner.

Garmar station shop

Thus, as we get closer we see that on the deck of the pumps there are some beautiful plants next to several cylinders of orange light, without a doubt something that I have never seen in any other service station. An old fountain in the middle of small gardens and a large tree whose trunk at night is surrounded by thousands of lights are other views you have just before going to refuel.

Garmar service station stickers

How could it be otherwise, the decoration of the store, the washing boxes and even the vinyl on the windows, many times lead you to realize that you seem hypnotized, without being able to take my eyes off discovering new details every time your gaze moves forward. The stainless steel signpost placed next to the road already announces to us in a very original way with a few kilometer distances to cities that we are also in front of an “electric station”.

Garmar interior decoration

If we can see all this from the outside, imagine as soon as we walk through the glass doors of the store what we can find. Neons, shelves with unconventional shapes and lights and a large number of products at our service. But in addition to all this, if we look closely, we will see a certain biker touch in details like that trial helmet on a shelf or for example the possibility of buying in the store the special 50th anniversary edition of the book "Operation Impala".

Impala operation book special edition

In addition, the best thing is that in addition to offering you all this, you only have to park next to the pump and ask for the fuel you want, they serve it to you. Of course, without employees from whom the drops of the hose tap against the tank of our motorcycles. Even if you have a pet, as you can see in the photos, she will also feel fully cared for with food and water at will.

Pet food in Garmar

If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to go to refuel there and if it is at night better, since you will see it in all its splendor full of lights and neon

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