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Ducati Streetfighter 848, test (highway driving and passenger)
Ducati Streetfighter 848, test (highway driving and passenger)

As not everything is going to be leisure on top of the Ducati Streetfighter 848, the time has come to deal with road traffic with daily and routine commutes. Picking up your controls first thing in the morning on the way to a long day at work the mind takes it with better humorWe all like to reduce traffic jams to a minimum, but if on top of that the general feel of the motorcycle revolutionizes our hormones, then you will say. Things are seen in another color, specifically the pearly yellow of the body that welcomes us.

Ducati Streetfighter 848: it is not a touring, nor does it need to be done

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Once we got to the cruising speed on the road we stop to think if we have engaged all the gears. The answer is no, we will go in fourth or fifth maximum, and if we engage sixth while driving at a constant speed of 100 or 120 kilometers per hour, the digital tachometer will show that we are around the 3,500 revolutions per minute. Just to that regime as I commented in a previous post of the test there is a bump in power delivery accompanied by a rattle that is going to bother us when we need an opportune touch of gas.

The consumption at these speeds it falls below 6-odd liters that spends us on sports driving about 5 liters per hundred. She is not very fussy, but like everything in life, she could be better. We must also be aware that your engine is not designed to have super-adjusted consumption, but to deliver the highest power available in a wide range of revolutions. At the moment I do not see one of these motorcycles with Stop & Start, but with about 14 liters without counting the reserve, we will have traveled about 250 kilometers.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Returning to the theme of developments I think it would not have been wrong for him to adopt a minus tooth on drive pinion so that marches were shorter. Even the first is not short, on the contrary, I would rather be able to change to second at low speed than go first when traffic thickens and circumstances do not allow us to circulate at more than 20 or 30 kilometers per hour. But now we were talking about motorway commuting, so let's get back to the topic, you distract me.

Nap Ducati Streetfighter 848 it was mine (you would like to kid) I would regulate the suspensions with a more permissive moron On a day-to-day basis, it is not a basic necessity, but a little more comfort on undulating asphalt would not be a bad thing. In addition, I am convinced that by softening the settings a bit, with my 65 kilogram featherweight, there would be no problems when picking up the pace in cornering areas.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Those of the suspensions will be the few drawbacks that could put this bike on the highway, because the truth is that I very pleasantly surprised how comfortable resulting in long journeys. The first impression of the seat is that it is hard, and that unless you press your knees against the chassis you have nowhere to lean on them as it is so narrow, but nothing could be further from the truth. The ergonomic work made by Italian engineers is Excellent And, if you do not dedicate yourself to circulate well above the speed limits, the passage of the kilometers is very bearable.

As I said in the first part of the test the aerodynamic protection is practically nil, and the only shelter we can find is by leaning a lot on the tank, but it is not recommended either because our hands will be very high and our back is curved. In addition, it is simply not necessary as long as we circulate within the law. You have to keep María Seguí happy.

Ducati Streetfighter 848: for brave passengers

Ducati Streetfighter 848

On the one hand we have said that it is a naked pure without any aerodynamic protection, and on the other that inherits the seat and tail assembly directly from its cousin circuitry, so the equation is simple. The passenger has to get on the second floor, an access to the small and hard seat not easy for people under the meter seventy. Once up the position is not so radical as in sports because the footrests are placed a little lower and when the rider goes slightly less lying down, he can lean slightly.

Driving around the city without reaching speeds of over 60 kilometers per hour is within what is bearable. The air does not bother, there are no strong weight transitions and the passenger will have a perfect view of the city circulating between urban traffic to be able to look over us. So, yes, you can show off with the chats to take them to the movies or have a drink on a terrace, but as long as you don't have to take fast routes. In the second case, do it only with those who love motorcycling.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

If we decide to go out on the road, things get complicated, and we better not be playing sleeping on the sofa that day. The abrupt power delivery does not help smooth out the discomfort that we always produce our passengers at the time of making the gear changes, so kisses on the nape of the helmet will be quite common. Once we reach the cruising rhythm, it is best that we keep our speed a little below the maximum speed limit, or else we will cause a considerable neck pain to the passenger.

My conclusion regarding life as a couple on this Ducati Streetfighter 848 is that coexistence is to smooth rhythm, without haste, nothing to go out to reduce times. The terraces are there to show off, because we can sit in front of this beautiful Italian and the courtship work will be done by herself practically by showing off muscles and bad girl poses. Anything that goes duet with this bike better be sweet and harmonious.

On Friday comes the final part of the test where we will draw conclusions from this Ducati, we will have a video and photo gallery.

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