Sylvain Guintoli gets kicked out of the Fixi Crescent Suzuki before starting but with good reason
Sylvain Guintoli gets kicked out of the Fixi Crescent Suzuki before starting but with good reason

When it seemed that the soap opera Sylvain Guintoli It was over, after halfway through this season they gave him a run at the Effenbert Liberty Racing and he will end up joining the Pata Racing Team, now we get new news that leaves him in a very bad place. The point is that in the last round of the championship, in Magny cours, signed a contract with him FIXI Crescent Suzuki for the 2013 season, but now it turns out that another offer has come out and the boy wants to think about it. Well, you will not have to think much because the response from the Crescent could not be more forceful, and they have already put friend Sylvain on the street.

The news broke out today through a statement from the team itself that, seeing the rumors that were circulating around, has decided to clarify the situation. It turns out, as I was saying, that after having negotiated it and having studied all the details of the agreement, in Magny Cours Guintoli I reached an understanding with Paul Denning, the team manager, and signed a one-year contract, facing the 2013 season. Obviously, the French rider, who on the other hand has had a great season with three victories, was very satisfied and eager to start working on his new bike.

So much so that I was going to participate in the Aragón tests that are being held from today and that it will have the Superbike teams training there for three days. But then everything went wrong, the Crescent learned that there was interest from another factory, rival of course, and the pilot informed his new team that he wanted to evaluate this option and that he was not going to participate in Aragon.

Thus, as is logical, the FIXI Crescent Suzuki has been very annoyed at the lack of respect of the French rider to a contract already signed, so has directly decided to terminate the contract that bound them and look for a substitute who has a little more word. This is how angry and sad Paul Denning was:

You understand Paul's discomfort, really. So, with this scenario, Leon camier is being accompanied in the Aragon tests by Josh waters, a twenty-five-year-old Australian rider who has won his country's Superbike championship for the second time this season. If all goes well in these tests, Josh could be the team's official driver in 2013 and they would have to stop looking and worrying. We will see how it goes, although we hope of course well.

In short, many times we do not understand all the ins and outs of those paddocks in the world, and lately we see very little chivalry from both the teams and the riders. And in this specific case, Guintoli has gone from hero to villain in just a few months. We will see in which team it ends up, and if it does not end up regretting this rejection …

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