Rally Morocco 2012: dress rehearsal for the Dakar 2013
Rally Morocco 2012: dress rehearsal for the Dakar 2013

This Sunday the 2012 edition of the Rally of Morocco. Ahead, six days of competition in which the pilots will travel more than 2,000 km of route on African soil, 1,500 of them timed, which will mean a perfect dyno for the Dakar 2013. In fact, although the Rally of Morocco has left the calendar of the World Rally-TT, this edition will become one of the most important races of the season since all the teams that will take part in the Dakar 2013 coincide..

With the title of Cross-Country Rally World Champion under his arm, Marc Coma is one of the great favorites. But he and his KTM 450 Rally will have strong competitors such as Cyril Despres, Helder Rodrigues, Jordi Viladoms, Paulo Gonçalves, Jakub Przygonski, Chaleco López and Joan Barreda, among others. Thus, this demanding rally will calibrate the level of riding, navigation and physical preparation of the participants and their motorcycles.

Marc Coma:

Honda CRF450 Rally

But without a doubt, a large part of the protagonism will also monopolize it Sling, that officially returns to raids in this race. There will be his five riders on the Honda CRF450 Rally: Helder Rodrigues, winner of the last Rally of Morocco, Johnny Campbell, Felipe Zanol, Sam Sunderland and Javier Pizzolito.

It seems that the Dakar 2013 starts this year in Morocco

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