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The Mobile Clinic of the circuits: history and curiosities
The Mobile Clinic of the circuits: history and curiosities

The Mobile Clinic of the MotoGP World Championship It is one of those places where the best thing to do is not have to talk about it because then all the riders have finished the weekend without any physical problem. But if one day you have to make use of it, it is best that you have the best means and qualified personnel to diagnose, cure or transfer to the hospital if necessary in the most efficient way possible.

A little history

We have heard countless times that the security measures at the start of the championship were conspicuous by their absence, as were the medical facilities. In 1972 and during the celebration of the first 200 miles of Imola organized by Checco Costa, his son, the Doctor Claudio Costa, took charge of the sanitary facilities of the event and verified that his work and that of his team of specialists was absolutely necessary to guarantee the safety of the participants.

Don't think they had it easy. Dr. Costa and his team they had to move from one circuit to another by train, ship or road carrying with them all the equipment they could need. The May 1, 1977 on the occasion of the Austrian Grand Prix, at the Salzburgring circuit, the birth of the Mobile Clinic. Unfortunately, in this tragic career, Hans Stadelmann lost his life, although Doctor Claudio Costa and his companions were able to save Franco Unccini's life.

Since then, other pilots who suffered very serious accidents, they were saved thanks to the speed and professionalism with which they were attended. People like Unicini himself, Philippe Coulon, Michael Rougerie, Virginio Ferrari or Graziano Rossi, Valentino's father, are alive thanks to quick assistance of the doctors of this traveling hospital.

The evolution of the Mobile Clinic to date

The Mobile Clinic not only attends to pilots but also to any member of the paddock. Its doors are open throughout the weekend, 24 hours a day. You may already arrive with a broken finger from a fall or a headache from the shouts of your broadcast booth colleague that the team of professionals will assist you and help you.

This year is the 45th anniversary of its founding. In 2002, on the occasion of the Jerez Grand Prix, the latest evolution of the Mobile Clinic was presented. Among those present was someone who owes much to Doctor Claudio Costa, Mick doohan. Thanks to his successful intervention after his 1992 accident, the Dr. Costa was able to save his leg when they were about to have it amputated, carrying out an unorthodox treatment consisting of joining his good leg to the other so that the blood supply would bring the almost necrotic tissues of his battered leg back to life.

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