New in Cologne Hall 2012: Piaggio Fly 50 and 125 four-stroke
New in Cologne Hall 2012: Piaggio Fly 50 and 125 four-stroke

Piaggio presents the latest heir to the tradition of the Italian brand in the world of Scooters, the Piaggio fly. That now we can buy it in two versions with four-stroke engines, 50 cc and 125 cc displacement. Let's give it a spin and see what it offers us.

At Piaggio they have always been clear that Scooters are a weapon to fight city traffic. That is precisely why their products, under whatever brand, are designed with great care and trying to make them as attractive to the general public. You just have to go around the Italian manufacturer's website to appreciate this. Whether with the Piaggio, Vespa, Derbi or Gilera brand we always find interesting products for almost any user.

Piaggio Fly 2013

With this new Piaggio Fly what has been sought is the image of a small Scooter Gran Turismo that combines comfort with dynamic character. We can see this line on the front of it, which is shaped like an arrow, but keeps the "bowtie" in black so that it maintains a classic style. The seat, which is quite low, allows it to be used by anyone of any height. We also found some chrome details that add classic style to the set, such as the rear rack that matches the taillight and turn signals to maintain a sharp line on the tail.

The functionality is set by details such as that the fuel tank is now located under the foot platform. This frees up the space under the seat to accommodate a pair of visor demi-jet helmets. The passenger footrests are retractable, so in case of driving alone they do not obstruct the least. As standard we find the central stand and one for the side with disconnector so that we do not roll out with it extended.

Piaggio Fly 2013

The seat is located 760mm high, so that almost anyone can drive it. We also have a storage space behind the shield to carry your wallet or small objects. But we also find a hook on the seat to load bags on the completely flat platform or an optional top case to increase the total capacity.

The chassis is completely new, with an open structure with a simple crib. This, according to Piaggio, guarantees precision and sufficient rigidity while driving. The front fork uses 32mm diameter rods, with a single rear shock absorber. Wheels are 12 inches on both axles, and both are 120/70 tubeless. The 125's brakes are 220mm diameter discs on both axles. On the 50cc the rear disc is replaced by a 140mm diameter drum.

The Piaggio Fly 125 uses the new three valve engine developed by Piaggio and that we already know in other models such as the Vespa LX 3V. It is a single-cylinder four-stroke, with a three-valve cylinder head (two intake and one exhaust) with forced air cooling and electronic injection. This engine promises us consumption close to 2 liters per 100 km rolling at legal speeds in the city (50 km / h). The mechanics also allow us to check every 10,000 km, which is not bad at all.

Piaggio Fly 2013

The 50cc engine is also four-stroke, and uses a four-valve cylinder head. The power here is by a conventional carburettor and the cooling is also by forced air. In the press release they say that consumption is very low, but they do not offer the specific data anywhere. Of course, an engine of that displacement will really be like a lighter.

Available accessories are typical, a top case, a large windshield screen, an electronic lock, a cover for parking outside and a leg cover that can be seen in almost any European city.

The conclusion is that Piaggio offers us a simple Scooter, economic and with a more or less modern line to attract the maximum number of users. Of course, in the review of the offer under the Piaggio umbrella we can find some curious details. Because this Piaggio Fly 50 costs in Spain 1,722 euros catalog. While the Vespa LX50 4T costs 2,409 euros, no less than 687 euros more for an identical mechanic, but a very different line.

What do you prefer, a modern line motorcycle or a classic line for almost 700 euros more? Because they both offer basically the same thing. Below you can see the promotional video of the Piaggio Fly and a gallery of the two available displacements.

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