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Ducati Streetfighter 848, test (city and highway driving)
Ducati Streetfighter 848, test (city and highway driving)

Yesterday I was telling you everything I could about the static aspect of the Ducati Streetfighter 848, sure I left a lot of things in the pipeline but I will try to solve all the gaps as we analyze it. Today we have to get on the back of this young Italian woman and we will start with the first contact at her controls so we lean on the handlebars, lift one leg, step it over and easily for my short stature already we are mounted On this little iron horse, the seat is at one 840 mm height and I can arrive with both feet on the ground, although not supporting the entire sole, obviously, that would mean that the lug has been late for me.

Ducati Streetfighter 848: turn of the preliminaries

Ducati Streetfighter 848

The first impression on top of her is that of compactnessIt seems very short to have our nose on top of the front wheel, as if we had nothing in front of our hands. The narrow chassis reinforces this impression, the engine does not protrude anywhere and you do not have to spread your legs like when we spread out on the sofa. Also, as I mentioned yesterday, hands are very close together, it does not look like it is a wide handlebar and the tips are not flat, but slanted. Obviously it is not the extreme position of a sports semi-handlebar, but it is not the position of a naked utility cut.

The control pineapples are those of the Last generation of keypads used in Ducati, and the main difference with the previous ones is that they are the ones that will allow us to navigate through the extensive settings menus that the electronics include, but the button that interests us right now is the start button. This is an operating button called "trigger", we can block the start button by moving it down and over it the one that prevents starting.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

We start the engine after a couple of turns of the crankshaft and the twin comes to life with two distinctive sounds. The first is the undeniable Ducati Testastretta engine sound, a hoarse sound that its escapes give us and it pleases us just by paying attention to it, and the other is that of the clutch, which although not dry but in an oil bath, has a slight rattle as if it were animating us with a solo of castanets.

Well, if she wants to, we are not going to make her look ugly, we are going to dance for a while. We clutch, we put in first with a generous clonk, we got off the sidewalk taking advantage of the available ground clearance and started to circulate. We spent the first few meters of the journey testing turning radii, the feel of the engine, how it brakes and a couple of minutes later we just thought about being able to see what kind of joys it offers us. But first we will have to circulate for a while between traffic lights and there we will see that although the Brembo clutch pump it is radial like the brake, hydraulic operation can fatigue the forearm left if we spend too much time in the city.

Ducati Streetfighter 848: the fun begins

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Among the cars it unfolds with a splendid ease due to its tight width, and the rear-view mirrors are hardly annoying. They do not stick out for better or for worse, because we will have to bend our elbows to see effectively what we have behind, something already common in modern sports bikes.

Driving slowly through the streets and avenues becomes uncomfortable power bump situated between 3,000 and 3,500 revolutions and we will have to pull the clutch lever more than we want. Luckily, the dealership is just a few meters from the city's escape routes, so the boredom won't last long.

We face the clear sections that Madrid traffic offers us at the departures from the capital at mid-morning and the motor pushes with great force from low speed, the forcefulness of its powerful twin-cylinder takes us out of any overtaking in a matter of seconds thanks to a range of means that kicks you in the kidneys and propels you quickly but without frightening.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

We look for a space in our agenda, we put on all the corresponding clothing and our belongings are relegated to a fanny pack, because there is no space to store anything. I thought that under the passenger seat there would be a good place to put the wallet and others when the leaks run down the side, but no, the only thing I found was the folder with the documentation of the motorcycle and the socket for the DDA, nothing more.

The same suspensions that in the city they transmitted irregularities to us with total precision up to our extremities, especially a paved section that I have to cross every day, on the open road they become excellent precision. The well-known Madrid section of ascent to Puerto de la Cruz Verde and the roads in the area are their private hunting ground and where we will enjoy their sporting skills with more intensity.

The manageability on his flat handlebar is Excellentdances from side to side very quickly and, although perhaps a half-inch less rear tire would reinforce their handling, the configuration they have achieved with the cycle part is a curvy delight of good firm.

Ducati Streetfighter 848:… and action

Ducati Streetfighter 848

We are going to analyze the curve in the three stages that compose it. In the first one, when we are coming to a curve and we have to pull the brakes, at first I had to exert a lot of force on the lever, but it was solved by adjusting the distance to a closer one (both Brembo levers are adjustable). However, I had the impression that when I reached the curves the inertia generated by the opony set more resistance to deceleration than the 848 Evo.

It can also be due to the new geometries, but you don't have to put your hands to your head and make a mountain out of a grain of sand, because it is not exactly an iron. The solution is very easy, or we play with our feet on the footpegs or we leverage more on the handlebar, in the end it ends entering the curve by herself.

Once we release the brakes, it is time to attack the curve to the apex and when we focus on turning in the round, as long as the road is in good condition, it will not move an iota of the chosen line. It is often used to say that Ducati chassis are pencils, in this Ducati Streetfighter 848 is no exception, with a trade-off, maybe it's because of the excessively hard setting of the suspensions But when we find potholes or expansion joints, the bike wobbles and makes you want to regain verticality.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Still holding the tilt, when it comes time to give that gas point that begins to take us out of the curve, we must be careful because the initial touch is somewhat rough. The power input has a wild point at the first hit, so it is better that we are very clear about what we want to do so that we are not going to have a scare. Although it is more a problem of discomfort than of safety, because if we go over the gas control we will have traction control to cover our backs. And what the hell, how fun are motorcycles with character, what?

All this is adopting a very picky stance, because from a subjective point of view this Ducati Streetfighter 848 It is one of the motorcycles with which I have most fun in a curvy area and when you get home after having been doing a section you only think about when to meet up with your companions again to show off the blonde. Tomorrow we are going to do kilometers and see how he behaves with the passenger.

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