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Strolling through Barcelona in a Honda Scoopy SH125i to Russia in a sidecar: the week in slipstream
Strolling through Barcelona in a Honda Scoopy SH125i to Russia in a sidecar: the week in slipstream

One more week we invite you to join us in the week to slipstream, the post with which we close the week and in which we try to summarize the highlights that have happened during the week in the market, the competition, the preparations or curiosities that we find out there. After the hangover of the Cologne Hall, the thing is a little calmer.

News 2013:

We have had the opportunity to try one of the what's new for 2013, the Honda Scoopy SH125i 2013 that has left us a very good taste in our mouths for its performance and improvements over the previous version. Another novelty is the 2013 Zero Motorcycles Range, with more speed and longer duration, demonstrating that electrics follow their step unstoppably.

How unstoppable is the decline in motorcycle sales. That's why brands try to attract customers anyway, sometimes with succulent discounts like Kawasaki, sometimes with gifts like Triumph

Rare preparations and videos:

Harley Davidson XR750TT

What do you think of a Harley Davidson XR750TT that is still fighting today and winning in races a lot of years later? If speed isn't your thing, then take a look at the Asian spirit of Cafe Racer, which even far from where it was born maintains the original spirit. And if Cafe Racer is indeed your thing, look at the workshop of these two friends from Vigo, Tarmac Custom Motorcycles.



As a curiosity this week we bring you two completely opposite sidecar. On the one hand, that of some Spaniards, J&J Sidecar Team in their attempt to go racing to the Isle of Man. On the other hand, a Ural Three Wheel Drive Sidecar that would be able to climb a wall with its three-wheel drive.

And we do not forget the competition

Carmelo Ezpeleta, conference in Japan 2012

Finally the competition, they come warm. Many changes in both regulations, both MotoGP and SBK, since Honda replaces KTM in the European Junior Cup until the pit-stops in Superbikes are confirmed for 2013.

Dorna is already in control over MotoGP and WSBK and next year MotoGP will have a new qualification system. And finally Álvaro Bautista confirms that he is still with Gresini and the last free site is closed.

In pure competition, Carmelo Morales, Jordi Torres and Matteo Ferrari are the new champions of the 2012 European Speed ​​Championship, Italy wins in the 2012 Supermotard of Nations and if you haven't found out yet, Spain has made its first treble in MotoGP. But he has also won in Moto2 and in Moto3 madness has taken over the race.

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