Mick Doohan is already preparing for the 2012 Australian GP
Mick Doohan is already preparing for the 2012 Australian GP

Alberticu already warned us, at the end of September, that Mick Doohan would ride a motorcycle again at the 2012 Australian GP. something that is always news, even if it is to see the Australian take a few laps for a walk in Phillip Island. What we did not know is that Mick Doohan, as punctilious as when he was competing, is already training on the Australian track.

The important is that next Sunday October 28 we will see Mick Doohan on a Honda RC213V, painted in the colors of the Repsol Honda Team which he took to the top of the podium and I imagine wearing the number one on the front of the fairing. Of course, Mick does not seem like a guy who is going to get on a motorcycle for a walk, and with the length of time he has not ridden a motorcycle of this type, it would be logical to train a little. The solution? Then prepare a Honda CBR1000RR, also wearing Repsol colors and looking for a few journalists to tour Phillip Island with them as a pack.

The video is not wasted, because while the journalist gets off totally amazed for what he just lived, Mick Doohan looks like he hasn't even disheveled. Although the first image of the bike leaving the pits is already scary to see how fast it is going.

If I knew they were going to broadcast those Mick Doohan show laps at Phillip IslandI would even make the effort to get up at midnight to see them. Although I am afraid that we will only see it delayed (hopefully) and fully summarized (this almost certainly). What times were those when one woke up at a thousand to see these modern gladiators.

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